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Everyone is cute, everyone, I am the time you have not seen for a few days. Because I go home every day, I have to chase all kinds of variety shows. I have a serious sleep, leading to work every day. I feel like I can stand still. . After catching up with the current fourth issue, it can be said that the more you look at it, the more exciting it is. Of course, with these trainees, there are still their makeup, how to paint big eyes? How is this bright eye makeup made? And will recommend a few suitable items for everyone, interested to look down together. Summary of a large eye makeup has many parts: beauty, eyeliner, eye shadow, lying silkworm, false eyelashes and so on. Today I want to skip some basic parts to explain to you two unusable, but very significant parts: the general purpose of our make-up is to weaken our facial defects. I remember that when I was still in college for the first two years, it was especially popular for lying silkworm makeup. At that time, the silkworm pen of the Etude House was also very hot. But since it has already come back, let’s continue to talk about this part. Now another factor: false eyelashes. On the stage, Mumbai is attached to the false eyelashes for each makeup, and she will stick the upper and lower eyelashes to maximize the magnification of the eyes. For everyday makeup, she will also choose to apply a layer of false eyelashes. Even if who has a big eye, is on the stage, the upper eyelashes will be attached, and the lower eyelashes will be mascara. I know that in fact, when you wear makeup, you don’t like to wear false eyelashes, but the effect of false eyelashes is really outstanding. Look for a comparison chart. I know that everyone has not touched false eyelashes, and some are technically unskilled. Always stick bad eyelashes, let’s talk about the two points mentioned above in detail, how to draw naturally. Before talking about the silkworm, some people may have asked, what are the two meats under the eyes? Why do you still need highlights to brighten up? If you ask this question, you may be confused with the silkworm and the eye bags eyelash extensions hong kong. The eye bag is a large piece of meat that exists under the eyes on the left side of the picture. It may also be mixed with dark circles. It is indeed a bit old. This kind of makeup that brightens the silkworms underneath is a bit retro-reflective. The silkworm is a small gully that exists under the right eye. It is usually decorated, not only conspicuous but also young. And, boys have a silkworm is also very beautiful! That is to say that the method of lying silkworms is divided into two types eyelash extensions hong kong. One is that you have a silkworm, and the other is a person whose silkworm is not obvious eyelash extensions hong kong. If you are a person who has a silkworm in his own right, directly in the silkworm area under the eyes, put on the highlights. In the choice of single items, you can choose a special lying silkworm pen to outline, a variety of Korean silkworm pens on a treasure search eyelash extensions hong kong, a lot of people, led by the Etude House eyelash extensions hong kong, if you are the first painting, you can choose A first-rate painting at an affordable price eyelash extensions hong kong.