Following the practice of “Mom” Mersin lightest wheelchair ramp

Following the practice of “Mom” Mersin lightest wheelchair ramp, she studied lighting, stage art, costume design lightest wheelchair ramp, shape at the West Berlin Higher Academy of Art, and built an underground theater at Mersin’s home. Her phone number became empty lightest wheelchair ramp. When he arrived in Germany to visit “Mom”, his original address had been rented out, and the small theater he had built himself became a utility room lightest wheelchair ramp. Recalling this experience lightest wheelchair ramp, he knew how their common mother Mersin died. On the day of her death, Mersin had no relatives or friends around her. Her son worked 600 kilometers away from home … One of our photography shoots was to shoot me to find Mei Ting lightest wheelchair ramp, and when I opened the door, I looked at her. That door was opened by someone else. As soon as we took the door , we suddenly closed our eyes. He wants to shut down. However, I have never encountered anything particularly interesting since I saw this script, I found it very interesting and wanted to try it. He said he hoped that I could help him, because this was his first directing. I said I want to watch the script. Then he said yes, after you are optimistic about the script, if we are willing to cooperate with us. If you think the script is bad, do you have any special impressions? Feng Yuanzheng: Qianyuan didn’t know him before, just knew him and never cooperated. But I always feel that he is a very explosive actor, he is a bit afraid of heights, but he doesn’t care. Another thing is that our hillside is weathered, there is no vegetation, and there is a layer of sand on it. At first glance you think it’s a stone. I have a panoramic view of kneeling on the stone. The moment I knelt down, it hurts a lot. Wang Qianyuan had a shot of Rawai running and rolling. After he finished rolling, his clothes were worn out. Later, he did not expect it to be a gifted man. So I regret saying that and joking. Song Jia grew up looking at me, she has grown from a little 22-year-old girl to today. I like her performance very much. When it comes to the scene near the end of the cliff, the confrontation between the three is very intense and exciting. Did you feel explosive when you took the picture? And all three actors were on the scene when the scene was filmed, and when we were filming Song Jia, we were acting for her. It’s over for others to play. Everyone feels that they should respect each other, that you must play for him there,Do you think it is a lucky or unfortunate thing for an actor to encounter such a role that is always remembered by the audience in his career? No one can remember, how unfortunate, right. I think it ’s very lucky. Whether it is a good role or a villain role that everyone thinks, the role is not good or bad, that is, whether you like it or not. It must be the kind of actors who love roles. Although people may have been spurning or talking about you, I think they are actually happy. To my birthday yesterday, someone wished me happy birthday.