Every factor can become a straw in your married life eternity ring.

Every factor can become a straw in your married life eternity ring. Marriage is harder to manage than love, and the relationship between family members is more complicated. I never thought that I would get married so early, but when I met my beloved man, the feeling of not being separated again between two people made her want to live with this man for the rest of her life eternity ring. Every hug he gave made him feel warm. Listening to him in his ear, talking about those words that make people blush, can not make themselves part of his body eternity ring. I thought that the marriage certificate was the most true love story for men. After I lived with my mother-in-law, I realized how ignorant I was eternity ring. The power of love makes women think that it can be as hard as a diamond, and it is invincible. But in the polishing of marriage life, it was only a thin layer of paper eternity ring. When you fall in love, love is just the sweetness and smallness of two people. Marriage, but it is the rice and oil of all the people, but also the running-in of a family. If you don’t get in touch one day, you will feel flustered eternity ring. In the minds of women, once thought that they love each other, they can be accompanied by the old age in the flowering and falling years. Never thought that love is a world of two people, but there are many factors in the marriage that you can’t control. I don’t know when it will crush marriage. Especially in the marriage life and the mother-in-law, the attitude expressed by the husband will completely subvert his understanding of love. Sometimes she even suspects whether she is the wife of her ex-husband or the nanny who went home from her ex-husband. Because all the housework in the family is her own contract, the in-laws are also taking care of her, including the daughter is also a big one. Her ex-husband, however, only has the name of her husband and father, but she never fulfilled her obligations. Because she knows that her life is not without other possibilities, but she is not willing to take a comfortable circle. 03. I have been married for seven years. My child is five years old. She is just over 30 years old. Why should she give up on herself and consume herself in a wrong marriage? After a steady income, she quietly proposed a divorce, no crying, no trouble, only feeling happy and relieved. Since then, she has completely disappeared into the circle of friends and has never seen her face again. But the ex-husband now has no influence on Zhang Xin, because she does not care at all. Later, the ex-husband kept looking for Zhang Xin, hoping to get her forgiveness. He also said that he was only a momentary impulse to promise a divorce. In fact, the person he really loves in her heart is still her, but the people outside the marriage are just playing games.