The plants are robust and last until the frost falls nail salon hong kong

The plants are robust and last until the frost falls nail salon hong kong. Second, after causing the cause of premature aging and death of the plant, and after years of groping attempts nail salon hong kong, coupled with the diagnosis of agricultural experts, the original cockroach encountered high temperature and high humidity weather, if the disease is not prevented in time, the early premature aging of peony will be improved. In particular, in the traditional planting area nail salon hong kong, the peony field is planted in successive years. If the disease is not contained, the peony, the peony anthracis, the sclerotium nail salon hong kong, etc., which are more dangerous than the peony, can survive the winter through plants and soil. In the coming year, when the appropriate climatic conditions are encountered, the premature aging of plants will be exacerbated in advance. Third, prevention and control measures 1, scientific planting: Do not deliberately increase the number of peony plants nail salon hong kong, the normal 2500 strains are more suitable, but more than 3,000 plants are in close planting state, although the peony planting industry is relatively high-yield nail salon hong kong, but the dense planting peony encounters high temperature In wet weather, the disease is also serious. 2, preventive measures: First, in order to prevent the roots of the peony root from being frozen, and second, in order to expose the bacteria remaining in the soil, and sterilize them by low temperature. 3, chemical control: for the prevention and treatment of premature aging disease, growers also need to pay attention to skills, said that July and August is a ridge of peony growth, in fact, really prevent premature aging work, from the peony flower began. In the Huanghuai planting area, it is also the initial period of peony disease. Recommended formula: Captan, benzoic acid, thiophanate-methyl, prochloraz, etc., evenly sprayed with amino acid or humic acid foliar fertilizer. After the wheat is harvested, that is, in June, it must be prevented at least once. If the peony is not diseased, this time it is mainly based on preventive fungicides. Capella, thiophanate-methyl, and the third-time use of drugs are also extremely critical. This time, the fungicide should be carried out in the middle and late July, that is, when entering the hot season, the drug can be used to delay the expectorant. The purpose of the growth period. Recommended formula: tebuconazole, carbendazim, thiophanate-methyl, pyrazolamide, pyrazolidine, benzoic acid, etc., with 12 element foliar fertilizer evenly sprayed. The above lists only the ideal prevention and treatment formulas for the main diseases. The specific dosage should be adjusted according to the age and the hazard. It is the sensitive period of the outbreak of the drug, and the farmers are welcome to actively communicate and scientifically control.It will always be called by these two pairs of flagpoles. The flagpole stone has become the evidence of the prosperity of the Yang clan culture, and it is the imprint of the era. It has always stood in front of the ancestral hall, pointing to the sky, solemn and solemn, motivating future generations, on the flat land about a thousand acres to the southwest. From the west side of Yancun to the east side of Dixi Village, about 50 meters above sea level, it has become a big barrier to shelter the wind and rain. In front of the village is an open and flat land.