New Year in Kaohsiung Taipei hotel near MRT

I have been in New Year in Kaohsiung Taipei hotel near MRT. In other words, Kaohsiung’s New Year’s Day, the people went to worship the gods. They went to three temples in the first day and felt the noisy and festive celebrations of the New Year Taipei hotel near MRT. In the festive lobby of the hotel, there is actually a saying about the familiar Chinese flavor. That is the custom of “walking spring”, that is, everyone will go out and play. This article really wants to talk about Taiwan’s MRT Taipei hotel near MRT, which is the subway. In the Kaohsiung MRT station, a cartoon slogan welcomes guests from all directions, and Tainan people think that Kaohsiung can’t brush the card. This is the old Huangli, and now the island is unimpeded. The Kaohsiung MRT has intimately set up a night women waiting area, which is more convenient next to the escalator. In Taiwan Province, not only the MRT Taipei hotel near MRT, high-speed rail, Taiwan Railway, etc., do not need security screening. Still have to admire the queue order in Taiwan Province, and everyone’s rules are very strong. I have been lamenting the high quality of the people of Taiwan Province. A former netizen replied Taipei hotel near MRT, but it is orderly. In Kaohsiung, it is rare to see so many people in peacetime Taipei hotel near MRT. This is the largest number of people in the MRT I have seen. Specialized care for elderly, weak, sick and pregnant passengers. Under normal circumstances, these seats will be empty, there are more people in the train, and they will consciously retain these seats. The grandmother in the picture will get off at Xin Zuoying. I don’t know when to arrive. The grandmother’s right side is a Beauty, and the middle-aged woman on the left side has been explaining to the grandmother. When the beautiful woman got off the bus, she also deliberately married the grandmother and followed her mother for the MRT. Someone got up and gave up, and the mother gave a slight thank, thank you, thank you, no. Sitting without sitting, escalator load is uneven, easy to malfunction, etc., but please note that this detail reflects the harmony between people, precious. When I entered the MRT in Taiwan Province, I walked into the warmth. Everyone cares for each other, helps each other, and abides by the rules.Therefore, the tourist facilities are very perfect, and the subway is newly set up. It is connected to the Beitou Station of the Danshui Line. It takes about 40 minutes to get off from Taipei Station. You can get to know more about the changes of Beitou Hot Springs, and there are many hot spots for photo punching! In order to completely preserve the historic buildings, the government moved the entire new Beitou Railway Station to the nearby Seven Star Park. The Japanese-style train station, which is mainly made of wood, is full of nostalgic atmosphere. See more exciting pictures and go forward for about 5 minutes. As one of the most beautiful libraries in Taiwan, the Beitou Hot Springs Museum has a very distinctive architecture. The European design also has a Japanese style. You can learn more about the development history of Beitou Hot Springs.