dress in the sunset lightest wheelchair ramp

What you see in the morning light is your petite figure, and you can see your beautiful white dress in the sunset lightest wheelchair ramp. It is you who use a warm hand to hold up the dawn of life; it is the riverbank where you build your life with that thin body. “This is a “small nurse’s most beautiful style” value forum. A poem reading for the nurses, although it is only a few words, it will certainly stimulate the patients’ memories of the warmth of the white angels. The contradiction between doctors and patients has always been the society. Concerned hot spots, how to resolve contradictions between doctors and patients, less misunderstandings, more understanding, has always been a hot spot of social concern. The mainstream media in Xiamen have told stories about nurses before and after the nurses’ day lightest wheelchair ramp. This kind of effort is one of the ways. Mutual understanding, we can talk about mutual understanding, today, we once again give the layout to a good nurse, pass positive energy, hope to help the construction of healthy Xiamen. “Take the morning light to see your petite The figure, seen in the sunset, is your beautiful white dress. It is you who use a warm hand to hold up the dawn of life; it is the riverbank where you build your life with that thin body lightest wheelchair ramp. “A section of the nurses’ deep-hearted poetry recited a prelude to a unique value forum. On the afternoon of May 25th, the “Si Ming Good Nurse’s Most Beautiful Style” Value Forum was held at the Jinming Academy in Siming District. Representatives of nurses from various units of the health system gathered to share the warm-hearted stories in their respective positions and discuss how to implement the socialist core values ​​in their work. This forum is guided by the propaganda department of Siming District Committee and the Health and Welfare Bureau of Siming District. Organized by District Social Science Association, District Media Center, and Haixi Morning News. 11 “Si Ming Hao Nurses” were awarded certificates at the beginning of this month lightest wheelchair ramp, Si Ming good nurse’s most beautiful style” value At the forum, the poem recited by the representatives of five Siming District nurses, “Please allow me to give you the poems”, kicked off the event. At the event, the organizers and the love company were 11 “Si Ming nurses”. A certificate of honor was issued, and a skin care package specially designed by Mary Kay lightest wheelchair ramp, a commemorative edition of the newspaper specially produced by Haixi Morning News, and a four-cancer insurance for women of China Life Insurance were sent. The wonderful story of the good nurse, after the report of Siming Express, set off. In order to pay tribute to the frontline nurses lightest wheelchair ramp, Siming Express launched an online flowering event for good nurses. In just 3 days, more than 30,000 netizens sent flowers to these good nurses online. After the enthusiasm of netizens In the selection,