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On May 27th and 28th, the National Peking Opera Theatre “Red Army Story” appeared in the Majestic Theatre and competed for the Wenhua Award. On the eve of the performance, the crew made a special trip to the Memorial Hall of the Chinese Communist Party’s General Assembly to learn the deeds of the revolutionary sages. Song Chen, dean of the National Peking Opera Theatre lightest wheelchair ramp, said, “Reappearing the story of the Red Army is not only a tribute to the revolutionary tradition, but also to reinvigorating the spiritual strength of the Long March and guiding the present.” The modern Peking Opera “The Red Army Story” tells the “half belt” in traditional art expressions lightest wheelchair ramp. The story of the three long marches of the half quilt “the munitions director”: The Red Army soldier Zhou Guocai kept the lower half of the belt when crossing the grassland; the three female Red Army stayed in the Xu Jiexiu home of the villagers of Shazhou Village, Yucheng County, Hunan Province, and saw the Xu family’s poor family. When leaving, use scissors to cut out one of his quilts and leave half of the quilt to Xu Jiexiu; a military commander gave his coat to his comrades and was frozen to death. The three stories show that the Red Army has gone through thousands of difficulties, adhered to the revolutionary beliefs, and dedicated the lofty spirit to the victory of the revolution and to the liberation of the people. The Shanghai audience is no stranger to the Red Army Story. From May 6th to 10th, the National Peking Opera Theatre will take the “Red Army Story”Into five colleges and universities in Shanghai lightest wheelchair ramp, which led to the Beijing opera among the Shanghai students. The crew continued non-stop, and on March 13th and 14th, they performed three consecutive performances at the Beijing Meilanfang Grand Theatre. Among them, the afternoon of the 14th was a special performance for the primary school students. The small audience talked about the feelings behind the scenes, and the voice was tender, but the words were filled with deep respect for the revolutionary predecessors and gratitude for the present good life lightest wheelchair ramp. On May 15th and 16th , “The Story of the Red Army” performed two performances at North China Electric Power University to spread Chinese traditional culture while stimulating the patriotism of college students. The repertoire was welcomed by the audience and could not be separated from the fine art. On July 31st and August 1st last year lightest wheelchair ramp, the “Red Army Story” immediately held an expert demonstration after the premiere of the Mei Lanfang Grand Theater, and revised and polished before the second round of performances. The crew also went to Nanchang and Pingxiang in Jiangxi to go deep into the grassroots and experience the wind. For example, they went to the Jiangxi Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial Hall, the Anyuan Coal Mine Workers Memorial Hall and the Autumn Harvest Uprising Monument.The Red Army Story’s main creative team pays attention to the deep connection between the storyline and the background of the times and the great feelings of the revolution lightest wheelchair ramp. It combines the theme of modern opera with the form of the art of Beijing opera, and realizes the performance program.