it is not small Taipei hotel near MRT

The bay is not big, it is not small Taipei hotel near MRT, but it is a place where many pollen will want to go. However, it is not too convenient to go to Taiwan now. In addition to the need to apply for a pass and an endorsement Taipei hotel near MRT, you must also apply for a “passing pass”. However, recently, the Immigration Department of Taiwan has sent good news: simplifying the conditions for entering the Taiwan Pass, the official news is here to knock on the blackboard! Focus on the key! 1. In the financial proof, the deposit requirement is reduced from NT$200,000 (about RMB 50,000) to NT$100,000 (about RMB 25,000) Taipei hotel near MRT. 2. Holds the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and the European Union. The valid visas of countries such as Schengen can replace the financial proof. In the past, when we entered the Taiwanese card, the most troublesome and troublesome thing was the financial proof. The simplification of this policy has greatly facilitated our travel to Taiwan. 2018 The latest version of the Taiwanese card preparation information basic information: 1, mainland residents travel to Taiwan pass, including valid Taiwan travel endorsement (G sign) 2, ID card front and back color electronic version 3 Taipei hotel near MRT, white one inch or more, color certificate photo electronic within six months Version 4, the completed personal travel application financial proof: (four choices one) 1, credit card gold card (or above, such as platinum card, diamond card, unlimited card, etc.) credit card gold card issued in mainland China and above credit card color electronic Version. Gold card as proof of financial strength Taipei hotel near MRT, needThere are English symbols such as gold cards (Gold or Platinum, etc.) on the card surface. Visa, Master, UnionPay credit cards are available. 2. The deposit certificate shall be issued within one month from the date of application, with a NT$100,000 deposit certificate of approximately RMB25,000. It needs to be filled for 30 days, or frozen for 30 days, in order to be used as proof of financial resources, and this deposit needs to be in the name of the applicant himself. 3. Proof of income After the current unit has been working for one year, the salary certificate with an annual salary equal to RMB 125,000 (about NT$500,000) will be issued and a valid company seal will be required. 4. Visa in other countries Tourists in mainland China hold valid visas in countries such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and the European Union Schengen, which can replace the financial certificate. ※ Students do not need to provide proof of financial resources. They only need to provide proof of school or a color electronic version of the student ID card. ※If you have provided financial proof to Taiwan last time, you can get proof of financial resources within three years, just provide the last time you went to Taiwan. You can enter the certificate.