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If the beauty is attached to the eyeball for a long time, it will cause the nerve endings of the cornea to decrease. This is also the reason why some people with Daimei’s appearance of ulcerative keratitis are still unaware. Recommendation: Wear contact lenses before makeup and remove makeup after taking the mirror. Choose qualified lenses with quality assurance. Pay attention to the time of continuous control, no more than 6 hours a day. Never wear overnight at night. People who draw eyeliners for a long time to draw eyeliner often feel that the eyelids are tight and heavy, their eyes are itchy, dry and cyan eyelash extensions hong kong, and they are very prone to fatigue. They also have temporary blurred vision and are sensitive to external light, wind and smoke. Foreign body sensation, secretions will also become sticky eyelash extensions hong kong, these are the performance of dry eye syndrome. In addition, in order to color, long-lasting makeup, eyeliner or eyeliner will increase chemical composition, such as wax, coloring agent, vinyl acetate, acrylic acid, emulsified resin, etc., can cause eyelid allergies, redness eyelash extensions hong kong, swelling, heat, pain and other inflammation Symptoms cause allergic conjunctivitis, and even severe allergies. There are a few people with allergies, eyelid swelling due to eyeliner, papules on the eyelids, and even the formation of red sputum and blisters. After the rupture, the exudate flows out continuously, forming an eyelid ulcer. Suggestion: Change the eyeliner regularly. It should not be used for more than 3 months after opening. Reduce the chance of infection. Do not use eyeliner with others to avoid cross infection eyelash extensions hong kong. Try to draw the inner eyeliner as little as possible. Otherwise, the eyeliner will run. Go to the eyes; use a sponge, cotton swab, eye makeup remover to gently remove makeup, do not apply the makeup oil directly to the eyes; often use a hot towel to apply the eyes to prevent sebaceous sebaceous glands. Mascara like mascara will contact the root of the eyelashes, which will easily lead to pore blockage and blockage of the meibomian glands, meibomian gland dysfunction and infection, common dry eye syndrome and sputum granuloma. Suggestion: Do not apply mascara excessively, so as to avoid blepharitis caused by irritating irritations; mascara unloading debris left behind, easily causing blockage of pores and meibomian glands, meibomian gland dysfunction and infection, common There are dry eye syndrome and sputum granuloma, so be sure to remove makeup thoroughly; do a massage after makeup remover to promote eye blood circulation and discharge of meibomian gland secretions; mascara can only be used for 6 months after opening. The skin of the eyes is very fragile and prone to irritation, so be sure to choose a makeup remover designed specifically for these areas. Eye makeup remover is: 1. Apply a cotton pad with eye make-up remover to your eyes until the eye shadow is dissolved. 2. Hold the cotton pad with your fingers and gently wipe the eyes. Use cotton swabs to remove fine areas such as eyeliner and mascara. Know more about health – Proper use of cosmetics Proper use of cosmetics can not only make your eyes look beautiful, but also prevent the above eye diseases eyelash extensions hong kong. First of all, be sure to buy regular cosmetics that meet national standards eyelash extensions hong kong.