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The main highlight of this nail is the cartoonized pattern of whales. There are no other highlights. This beautiful sister is mainly designed with the “striped geometry” pattern. It is worth noting that in terms of color, this manicure uses two colors, the left index finger and the right hand little finger, the cool color of the thumb, and the warmth of the other fingers. Tones, it looks like there is no noise. Applying a very irritating purple to the manicure is not very special, but the purple of this manicure looks thicker, and it also adds a cartoon of the snowman, which is still very visually impactful. The main highlight of this manicure is the processing of gradient colors, and the ten fingers of both hands are the gradient color style of “green and blue”, which is very suitable for mature lady sisters to dye. The pure color + diamond” manicure is very common, and especially on the roadside stalls, this manicure can be seen everywhere, so the US sister does not recommend that the ladies and sisters to dye this style of nail art will give people a cheap feeling. The main characteristic of the vitality nail is that the color is very vivid and very beautiful. The main colors used are: red, pink, yellow, blue, etc. This nail is more suitable for summer dyeing, because the main color is red. And it is very bright red, this red will be out of place if it is dyed in other seasons except summer. The colorful manicure looks like a strong visual impact for the first time, but time one Long, we will find that this style of nail art will be very messy, and there will be a slight sense of disgust. The main color of this manicure is dark blue, and is designed with the sky as the background theme, the white tip of the nail is white The cloud design, at the root of the nail, adds a rainbow-colored semicircle pattern, which is very warm. The main color of this nail is fluorescent yellow, and it is eating. The finger, middle finger, little finger and thumb are added with fluorescent yellow dyeing, and the ring finger is black dot design. Although it looks a bit awkward nail salon  hong kong, it is also a very innovative nail. The solid color nail is the most common. The nail art is only slightly higher than the most traditional “five fingers of the same color” manicure. This type of nail is mainly to look at the color matching. If the color is not good, it will look very difficult. It is higher than the last nail nail salon  hong kong. One level of nail art is based on the solid color nail art, adding a stripe pattern design, the manicure’s observability will be higher, it is suitable for student party dyeing. Solid color nails are not very low nail salon  hong kong, mainly Just look at the color matching of our dyeing. Although the nail art says that there are many kinds of colors, it will look very messy, but the color is regular, from deep to shallow nail salon  hong kong. The favorite nail art of the sister is this one, not only It has been dyed with a solid color manicure, and it has also added a cartoon pattern to the solid color manicure nail salon  hong kong. It looks very childlike! There are many types of nail art. A is simple and simple. It is difficult and difficult to say. If we want more perfect nails, we need to choose the type and style of nails according to our own wear nail salon  hong kong.