eternity ring完成她的夢想

Marriage is something that everyone is looking forward to. Of course, everyone will do their best when they are married. After all, for most people, marriage is only once in this life, eternity ring so each married  If it is bigger than 20 carats, there are cases. This year the White House announced the official shackle of the new American first monk Melanie Trump, who wore a diamond ring of 25 carats. eternity ring Just ask you this diamond ring is not big!Let’s take a look at the diamond rings of other entertainment actresses today, such as the very famous giant wedding ring that Angelababy got married. It is said that the diamond ring is set with a 5.53-carat diamond and 73 bright. eternity ring Cut diamonds are also quite visually impactful. The details are carefully prepared for everyone, especially the rings of everyone. It can be said that the wedding ring is a thing that everyone is looking forward to, and it is also a symbol of love between two people. Everyone wants their own marriage. The ring is meaningful and unique, eternity ring  The same 5 carats, when the big S married Wang Xiaofei personally designed the wedding ring, the style is quite exaggerated, only a look at the pigeon eggs in the big s hand. eternity ring The diamond ring of Li Xiaoyan and Xu Jianing has 6.15 carats, and June 15 is the birthday of Xu Jianing. It seems that this diamond ring is carefully selected. it can be seen from some of her details, such as her collection of many famous watches, as well as her diamond ring. Aries’s personality is very distinct, and it is also very unique in the 12 constellations, so it is suitable for Aries to be customized, so that it can be worthy of Aries. The blue diamond in her hand is bigger than Yang Ying’s. eternity ring It can be said that the two suites are worn on the hand. A little bit more, Liang Chaowei gave Carina Lau a 12-carat diamond ring at the wedding. The price set a record for the Chinese female star diamond ring at that time. At present, mainland stars are known to have worn the largest carat diamond ring, Han Xue. At the 11th anniversary, I wore a sapphire ring weighing 19.7 carats and surrounded by 12 white diamonds with three white diamonds. It is said that this ring has only one piece in the world~ Nearly 20 carats of diamond ring, probably so big.