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Famous art critic Ji Tainian: According to the Western concept, art consumption accounts for about 5% of household asset allocation, and China’s actual situation is far from reaching. The Baijiahu Culture Investment Group proposed the concept of mass art consumption to make the people affordable to buy. taipei hotel near mrt It is a evangelistic and dissemination of art consumption, Previously, collectors bought art, mostly because they liked it, but they also had some speculative psychology, so the mood often fluctuated with market conditions. The real art consumption of popular art should be aimed at all ordinary people who have purchasing power and have their own unique views on art. all show the era of late Ming calligraphy innovation; taipei hotel near mrt Emperor Qianlong’s book Zhao Mengfu, for the Beihai Jiefu Temple Buddha Hall The book “Futian Huayu” four-character temple, full of royal temperament; a generation of Li Shu, Yi Bingzhen’s Lishu excerpts Jinshu, ancient Yi Yi, posture and life, Mr. Mo Qing’s high grid is full. Wu Changshuo’s 12-character script, They are like Mr. Li, have demand and have purchasing power, instead of paying more attention to the author. Whether famous artists and works can appreciate. taipei hotel near mrt The construction of the mass art consumer market and the entry of art into the homes of ordinary people will eventually become an inevitable trend. some young artists account for 70% of the total transaction volume. When they buy art, they buy it purely for love, and some as a home decoration. It can be seen that the art is gradually entering the life of ordinary people. This is the real purpose of our art Nanjing, which is to let art integrate into life. Let consumption produce value. This is very important for a private enterprise. It is commendable. taipei hotel near mrt The popularization of art consumption is a long-term and arduous task. The process may be very difficult, but the formation of a reasonable concept of art consumption and the improvement of the artistic culture of the whole people is an objective demand for the development of social culture and a general trend. taipei hotel near mrt The master disciple Liu Zhiping is old and possessive, and the scent is sloppy and sloppy; the contemporary grass Shenglin is the eleventh long-term association of the Qixia Temple Hall, and the atmosphere is majestic, the name of the grass holy is not praised; The old man’s book “Shi Gu Zhai”, Wu Hufan cursive Qi Yanlian, Mr. Sun Yat-sen’s book “Fun”, Guo Moruo’s book, Chairman Mao’s poetry, 37, and other wonderful works, taipei hotel near mrt can see that the modern book is not the ancients. The relationship between the dog and China has always been friendly. After taking office as the Prime Minister of the Cabinet at the end of 1931, he always hoped to adopt a peaceful approach to the “September 18 Incident”.