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Intercontinental leads the race with more than hotels worldwide. It is present in more than countries. Taipei hotel near 101 From the first hotel of the chain that was established in in Belem, Brazil, the group has come up leaps and bounds to become the global leaders in the hotel trade. Wyndham Worldwide, the largest hotel chain the USA and the second largest worldwide, has an international presence and is known for the luxury and customer service it affords to the guests. In fact, all the major hotel chains in the world thrive because they provide excellent service to the guests and never for once make them feel that they are away from their homes. Taipei hotel near 101Hotel architecture also plays a major role in the customer’s mind when it comes to perception. USA fills up the other places with Wyndham Worldwide, Marriott International, Hilton Corporation, Choice, Best Western, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Carlson Hospitality and Global Hyatt. They started the trend called customer service and we all know how important a role customer service plays in today’s world. Taipei hotel near 101Thinking of hotels makes us see stars, muted lightings, splendid food and smiling faces. Good hotels are value for money. One can gauge that from the fact that the more expensive a hotel is, more difficult is it to get a reservation. Guests never seem to have enough of hotel luxury. When you travel, make sure you book yourself in a good hotel. The pleasure of travel increases manifold. This is a proven fact. Dubai’s insatiable thirst for trade and commerce and tourism has never been hidden from anyone. Neither has its quest for providing a world-class hospitality been to a fairly large number of visitors that fly in each year. A look at any of the major hotels in the world and one can understand what is in store inside. Huge buildings, massive lobbies, designer elevators and state of the art rooms – all these are hallmarks of major hotels. Taipei hotel near 101 From the ancient times when there were inns, hotels have come along a long way and are synonymous with luxury. In fact, the high-end clientele can decide to unwind within the airport itself by checking into the five star Dubai airport hotel. While much of Dubai’s landscape is stacked with cheap and high-end hospitality across its expanse, the planners have obviously given the visitors an extra breadth of staying at Dubai airport hotel. The deluxe five star facility, called Dubai international hotel, is located across two floors on the arrivals of Sheikh Rashid Terminal. There are lavish suits for state-of-the-art living in this facility, all carrying room, laundry and other services offered through an interactive television – a source for high-speed Internet as well – hours a day. Another block of -rooms can be availed at the level right above Dubai Duty Free. Not to forget the options awaiting in Dubai cheap hotel and high-end accommodations elsewhere. Dubai’s air-traffic has grown at a remarkable pace in the last few years. Dubai’s hospitality has thus been catering to various clientele strata – the low-end, the middle stratum and the high-end clientele, all three included, and provides both Dubai cheap hotel and high-end accommodations with a chance to grow manifolds. Taipei hotel near 101 The figures show a growth of passenger traffic from . million in to . million in , and that of the air-freight movements from . million tonnes to . million tonnes during the same period. A lot of facilities have either been built or are under construction to meet with this ever inflating growth. In the meanwhile, Taipei hotel near 101Dubai airport hotel takes care of the much needed hospitality for those needing to stay at the airport briefly. No doubt, they have other Dubai cheap hotel and high-end options to choose from elsewhere. Travelers can avail the facilities of airlines and fly-in and out of Dubai from destinations across the world. Three international and regional airlines, viz. Emirates Airline, Emirates Sky Cargo and Flydubai, have made their base in Dubai. Emirates Airline has a fleet of over Airbus and Boeing aircraft flying allover the world. Emirates Sky Cargo, as the name suggests, deals into the ever-growing freight market across the globe.