Food Recipes

Food Recipes and sweet and sour as a tripod for the sake of blindly, for the sake of a and. Cooking with and for the Central Plains culture of the country, as this Chinese civilization. Phase Yiyin (Kaifeng) 3600 years ago to create the flavors reconc Food Recipesile said so far, Yucai by Plains of geography, was day four seasons, reconcile Ding Nai, including s Food Recipes widely expected, the main ingredient of prominent emphasis knife, production of fine, highlight the “authentic” in co Food Recipesoking. On cooking techniques, focusing on the furnace to burn, braised, stewed, steamed, fried based. On raw material selection, advocating green, ecology, health concept. Jiangxi good ecological environment, from local raw materials are green and healthy, such as Poyang Lake Artemi Food Recipessia arborescens, Jinggangshan bamboo shoots, crabs, and other military Yugan Lake of pepper. On the flavor type, spicy based. And spicy Sichuan, Hunan spicy, sour Ecai different, Jiangxi spicy dish is spicy, spicy, medium spicy, Safe north and south, with a wide range of adaptation groups. Fujian auce and other spices. Representatives of Taiwanese dishes are seafood, herbs and South Putuo vegetarian. Taiwanese Diet biggest feature is to make seafood diets, special use of local natural conditions, according to changes in seasonal cooking good, smell, taste, shape and taste of tonic food. South Putuo vegetarian from Millennium temple – South Putuo Temple, which is typical of a traditional temple vegetarian, with rice, soy, vegetables, mushrooms, fungus and other main material, there are more than 40 kinds of famous dishes, each dish either to West Fujian Cuisine: Also known as changting flavor. Longyan dish represented mainly popular in western Fujian region. Hakka and Cantonese cuisine flavor closer. Minxi located in Guangdong, Fujian and Jiangxi provinces at the junction with the main body of Hakka cuisine, and many more unique moHealth requirements. The specific method is cooking oil, however, does not change the pot, gravy now cook right, emergency fire D Food Recipesuanchao, a pot into a dish. Cooking dishes seem simple, in fact, con Food Recipestain a high degree of scientific, technical and artistic, showing infinite wisdom and creativity of working people. In short, Sichuan is a long history, a very strong local flavo Food Recipesr cuisine. Its variety, taste and varied, adaptable, enjoy “a dish of a cell, a hundred dishes Subway” reputation, to taste more delicious and unique style, winning the favor of the people at home and abroad, many people send “food in China, praise taste in Sichuan, “the. We want to further inherit and carry forward the fine tradition of our food culture, so Sichuan cooking skills Fengyun brilliant pearl shine even more eye-catching brilliance! Beijing cuisine ) abundant Tu children, buy wine, selling cakes businessman, established as the new County. It is a multi-county villain “matter” Xijing mind “also recorded. This history called” East food westward. “According to “Histo Food Recipesrical • emperor of the mind” contains: . Xuzhou dish is a great genre Eastern cuisine in history has a certain impact (one hundred dishes of ancestors) to Food Recipes other cuisines. Features Xuzhou dish: the fresh-based, and build flavors, while the real China, Li and Food Recipesclean, clear and not thin, thick but not muddy, good fried, cooked, explosion, slip, roasting, steaming, deduction, reclaime Hunan referred rs wide dishes: kung pao chicken, a product paws, fish-flavored pork, dry shark fin. Jiangsu cuisine Genre: developed from Yangzhou, Food RecipesSuzhou, Nanjing local dishes made. Features: cooking skills to the stew, stew, simmer known; attention transfer soup to keep juice. to Hunan, which has a long history, and gradually developed into a prestigious local cuisine, located in southern Huna