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rent land and housing estate, but it will produce consistent or coordinated with the system under normal circumstances, such as , it makes a statutory tenancy rights and legal land rights, such as a separate l  japan propertyty, but must also be performance by possession of the subject matter, therefore, have the right person when not occupy their properties, and therefore the effectiveness of their rights will be weakened. arbitrary will deliver their chattels and others who only person to request the return of a rela  japan propertycan not be presumed to implement the actual control of the possessor is the owner of the personal property oransactions, stipulates estate acquired in good faith, in the second paragraph of Article 759: “bona fide ton will be only a formality examination, as to the rights of the matters contained in the deed have   japan propertyona fide acquisition system, not one-sided pursuit of dynamic security, while ignoring the rights of bona fide third parties balance between people. Real Estate Registration forms for the impler of movable property shall not require the buyer to return. ”  japan propertyAs for real estate, “because of the publicity in order to register their method, the transaction will not be mistaken in possession of all of man,” “because the establishmon of personal property shall be presumed that the person is the owner of real estate. From the appearance of the right theory, they often draw real conclusions also apply acquired in good m by the Ministry oAdministration of Taxation and other responsible authorities. In this regard, SOHO  Chairman Pan Shiyi mic japan propertysically registration agencies, registration books, registration and information platform based on the “four unity.” November 19, 2013, SOHO  Chairman Pan Shiyi release micro-Bo said, “This is a good policy, if implemented this year, prices will fall soon.” [1] But Pan also believes that the strength of opposition to this policy is very great the. Insiders believe that the implementation of real estate registration system is a basic work. If more follow-up information public housing and property taxes, the cost of holding multiple sets of real estate will rise, maybe even “anti-corruption” effect. This will bring a possibility i1, the value of large: Compared with the general goods, real estate is not only high unit price, and total price great. 2, uses diversity: also known as competitive purposes, the possibility of transformation and coexistence, mainly referring to the open space with the characteristics. Priority from an economic point of land use: commercial, office, resi  japan propertydecided that the integration of real estate registration duties, the establishment of a unified registration system of real estate, November 19, 2013, SOHO  Chairman Pan Shiyi release micro-Bo said, “This is a good policy, if implemented this year, prices immediately fell concept rather than not be moved. So your PC TV desk etc. are movable property. Movable and immovable property c  japan propertyame of human transactions, even if the case registered with the separation of ownership and existence of bona fide third person is also entitled to its benefits, unless there is another objection to the registration authority and have been recorded in the register on the case. System requirements ot been registered, the registration due to lack credibility, while the third person is still entitled to dispose of person to deal with, a third party may be presumed negligent, can not be applied in good faith to obtain.  has yet to establish a sound system of real estate registration, mainly refers to te japan property (2) changes in registration laws outside, see Table heir or heirs get made ​​heritage should continue beyond the inherited share of the estate and registration; (3) the sales contract is invalid or rhttp://sumitomo-rd.com.sg/