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Gradient position: the basic shape required for the position in the gradient when the skeleton, because the basic shape for the position in the gradient, the excess part of the skeleton will be cut off; 4 size gradient: Gradient arranged in descending basic shape, depth and distance will produce a sense of space; Design School Singaporeustrial research is very thorough, and the writings and practices. His later designs RonchamEurope. Italian Renaissance furniture does not reveal the strucRococo 17th century European Baroque style in vogue is the style of the Renaissance period variant. Its artistic fe business or brand, and gradually form a good impression impression. In short, that local culture as the “meaning” with Western aesthetics as “shape” constitutes performance tBecause of the overlap of knowledge and skills, graphic design is often mistaken for visual communicat Design School Singapore 2. Visual elements: to embody the concept of the design element is not practical, it is meaningless. Conceptual e chanthe horizontal development, the development of graphical status quo, there is a strong directionality. Can be horizontal or diagonal direction. 2. In a plane: the basic shape are arranged in the second direction to form a surface like pattern; 3. Circular arrangement: the arrangement of the development of t mud sticks to the wall). Wang tomb chamber walls and ceilings are mostly covered with murals and decorative patterns. Burial goods unearthed a large number of furniture, such as: armchair, folding stool, bed, table, desk and so on. Mostly in the chair backrest and armrest leg impose color gold and silver inlay and carving elephant legs. Furniture co4 common types of editing communicate design Communication Design Communication Arts is also sometimes referred to as Communication Arts or Visual Communication Design Visual communication Graphic Design Graphic Design is a visual expression of the CI system, through the performance of the plane, highlighting corporate culture and corporate image Three-dimensional design 3D Design: a wide range of speciettention to two points: the overall style and color matching. Design School SingaporeStyle The overall style and creative design of the site is the most difficult to learn. The difficulty in the absence of a fixed pattern can refer to and imitate. Give you a topic, any two people can not design a completely different srong visual effect, give a deep impression. In the natural world is full of contrast, earth, land and sea, flowers and leaves are contrasting phenomena. Contrasting relationships, including: size, brightness, sharp blunt, weight and so on. In contrast Category: Design School Singaporeonious unified brand image, to show the image of the terminal system with a strong heritage and guiding force of the breath. Design School SingaporeFigure and bottom There is a comparison chart with the bottom, arising out of Adobe Photoshop possible, logos and illustrations in Adobe Illustrator, the final product assembled in a major page layout program. Most designeg), coreldraw, Illustrator, InDesigsign, engine design, machine design. But that there are many similarities in many professional design techniques, such as institutional analysis and synthesis, analysis and calculation of force and energy, engineering, materials science, strength of mat Design School Singaporetrict basic shaped arrangement, while the approximate change regularity is not strong, basiin 1. Regularity bones: the regularity of skeletal bone precise grid rigorous, regular digital relationships, the basic shape arranged in bone cells, there is a strong sense of order. There are repeated, gradual, firing and other bones be good imagination. Designers of basic skills. Design School Singapore Design thinking is a prerequisite for the formation of the decision matter! Design inspired by the soul! teractive design) (Interaction Design) Design School SingaporeSoftware Design (Software design) gineering) System design (System design) rocess more quickly. However, faced with limitless choices does not help isolate the best design, and may lead to endless design iterations no clear results. Designers can use sketches to explore multiple or complex ideas, without distractions and complications of software. The same thumbnail sk