Learn Mandarin in Singapore

You can take the classes at your meeting room, training room. Just like a internal training.•Learn Mandarin in Singapore Group classes are small, consisting of no more than 8 students.•Students are placed into the same class based on a combination of skill level, scheduling, and interests.•The contents of the group classes are customized. However, due to the heterogeneous nature of these classes, the customization to any one student will be more limited than private tutoring sessions. So we usually suggest our students take some private classes if they need. Why Learn Mandarin in Singapore? The world’s most spoken language. Learn Chinese in order to communicate with the 845 million native speakers primarily in China, Taiwan and Singapore. There are also large numbers of people throughout the world who speak Chinese as a second language. China is endowed with some of the most productive lands on Earth, and is the birthplace of one of the world’s ancient civilisations. Today China is the most populous country on Earth with over 1.3 billion people, approximately one-fifth of the world’s population. Like many Asian languages, Chinese is a tonal language. As you learn Chinese, you will see that a word can have various meanings depending on the tone used to pronounce it. There are four tones to master as you learn Mandarin Chinese, and these are represented by the four tone marks over the vowels in pinyin. Before you go any further regarding learning Chinese, Dani gives you a lesson dedicated to understanding and using the tones. It is possible to relate the concept of tones to how you use the tone of your voice in speaking English. For example the tone of your voice will often change when asking a question or giving an order in English! Why Us? The simple answer is: Because we care. We want our students to succeed in learning Mandarin, to immerse themselves into Chinese culture, to enjoy this fantastic country, to make new friends, and offer a program that fits the individual requirements of each student. Trust: While LEARN MANDARIN IN SINGAPORE is accredited by the Chinese, German and Swedish governments as a certified Chinese language school, the official Mandarin teaching centre for Michigan State University in Beijing and is one of China’s leading language schools, we think it is not the official certificates that matter, but the experiences and continued trust of our students and their families. Chinese homestay families trust LEARN MANDARIN IN SINGAPORE to organize for international students to live in their homes, students from all around the world rely on LEARN MANDARIN IN SINGAPORE to organize their stays in China, and parents trust LEARN MANDARIN IN SINGAPORE to ensure the safety of their children in China. We are very proud to have gained that trust during many years of hard work and for us there is nothing more important than to justify that trust put into us by our students, homestay families, and many partners. Do you teach Simplified Chinese Characters or Traditional Chinese Characters? We teach both.  However, for beginners, we recommend them to learn simplified Chinese characters used by Mainland China and Singapore, and Chinese communities in continental Europe. We also teach traditional Chinese characters used by people in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Chinese communities in the United States and the United Kingdom. As Singapore continues in its efforts to maintain a vibrant economy and safeguard its peace and security, the diverse Chinese dialect groups have been forced to coalesce under the Speak Mandarin Campaign. In addition, our local dialects are also vanishing gradually because the demography of pure dialect speakers is fast becoming the minority, taking with them a precious part of the Singaporean language and culture.