The nodes of her personal experience were Chen Yunru’s attack and suicide eternity ring The attack was also impossible.

The nodes of her personal experience were Chen Yunru’s attack and suicide eternity ring The attack was also impossible, because she could not change the previous link, Xie Zhiqi attacked Chen Yunru. So the only thing left is to prevent Chen Yunru from committing suicide. This is why Uncle Rou said that the current ending is the only solution to break the closed loop. Remember eternity ring how Huang Yuxuan stopped it? After wearing it again, the time moved forward a little, so Chen Yunru, who was Huang Yuxuan, took Mo Junjie’s hand in time. Every time through time will move forward, this is not the last time the eternity ring creenwriter fooled. It was foreshadowing before. For example, Huang Yuxuan crossed to the 32 record line for the second time, which coincided with the location at the end of the first cross, and the time did go back a little. I have to admire the writer’s cowhide, an idol drama, so logical performance. Crossing the stalk is no longer just a fancy element that satisfies Mary Su’s mentality, but actually eternity ring onnects the fate of each character in parallel time and space. From accidental crossing, to personal murder, to finding the murderer, to changing the past, every foreshadowing and turning are closely linked and can withstand careful scrutiny. Especially when Uncle Roo saw Li Ziwei’s encounter with Xiao Huang Yuxuan, he eternity ring hought it was just to strengthen the destiny between the two. Unexpectedly, this encounter has arranged the finale clearly. The seed sown in episode 12 blossoms in episode 26, which is definitely the most reasonable, sincere, and the most beautiful end. 03 The sense of youth has talked so much. In fact, the most touching part of “Want to See You” is still on its foundation-the sense of youth. Only one lens is needed to instantly bring the audience back to the high school eternity ring ampus. On a clear day, the teenager in school uniform drove to the school on a locomotive, the female student in the back seat flew in a skirt, and she did not know where to put her hand because she was shy. It ’s amazing. I counted Taiwanese youth films, “Blue Gate”, “The Girls We Chased Together”, “My Girls’ Generation”, and “Want to See You”. Hearts. And this sense of youth doesn’t stop at the surface, it also penetrates into the emotions of teenagers. Self. Chen Yunru would wear headphones to listen to songs, Li Ziwei would write “the handsome guy is me” on the backpack belt, everyone has a personal territory in his heart. Low self-esteem. Inferiority because of lack of self-confidence, even the courage to talk, just like Chen Yunru asked Mo Junjie how to have friends, then immediately backed down. Warmly. In order to protect family and friends, you can pat your head to do stupid things. For example, the sandwich Chen Yunru (that is, Huang Yuxuan is the main body) takes Li Ziwei and Mo Junjie as Tai Bao Tai Mei, and gives a dismissal to the bully brother.