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This article is good in pants and smoking cigarettes Taipei luxury hotel, it looks like a real experience. Why can’t the auditors of xxx audit? Ultimately, the most fundamental factor is the serious lack of such incentives in accounting firms, if partners treat auditing business as pure Taipei luxury hotel business. In addition, unlike auditors or tax bureaus, auditors of accounting firms have the power to enforce law enforcement. They are often obstructed during the audit process, and sometimes they have nothing to do with the problem. There is no way to continue the investigation. The role of an auditor as an economic police officer does not really have the power to adequately investigate and interrogate (although this power is expressly granted by law). The Taipei luxury hotel state has delegated the task of maintaining economic order to social intermediaries, and these intermediaries have to fight for business in the fierce market Taipei luxury hotel competition. Although the auditee is the company management and the report is the board of directors and shareholders, the company management The board of directors, the board of directors, and the majority shareholder Taipei luxury hotel are usually a group. As a result, it is difficult for auditors to locate their own roles. Strict audits are likely to conflict with the audited units, and they are not strict and cannot perform adequate audits. Therefore, the auditing industry is very deformed. The large liquidity of accounting firms also reflects that the industry is very deformed. Few people regard it as their own business. Anyone Taipei luxury hotel who has an ideal will not stay here for a long time because it is one that allows them to grow quickly. A link (provided that you learn it consciously), not a place where you can achieve some kind of ideal. The top five employees usually have a good education background. In an accounting firm, they can see how various industries and companies do accounts, their management, architecture, business, and competitiveness. It is very useful to spend two or three years studying these things. The value, coupled with the top five reputations, of course, there are more opportunities to develop well after working here for two or three years. As a matter of course, since few people regard auditing as a business, and few people are willing to delve into whether a customer’s account is fake, most people think about how to grow themselves, so naturally they cannot find a fake account. A financial director’s self-reported experience in financial fraud Brother I once had a period of leadership fraud. The reason for leaving, but it’s not about yourself and never mind. One day, the boss came to me to talk to me and asked me to be the assistant to the chief financial officer, and said that the chief financial officer Sun will gradually fade out and manage for a period of time. I am fully responsible for the future, suggesting that such an important post before going public will be held by a young, educated person. Needless to say, that person may be a little bit me.