In terms of cost. Indirect costs basically use the original account vouchers Taipei hotel near MRT ,

In terms of cost. Indirect costs basically use the original account vouchers Taipei hotel near MRT , such as rent, water, electricity, wages, travel and so on. Part of the direct cost is a value-added tax ticket issued by a supplier, but the largest is an ordinary invoice. A large supplier supplies most of the raw materials. However, there are two problems. One is that the Taipei hotel near MRT transaction with such a huge amount is an ordinary invoice, and usually we are desperately drawing value-added tickets, and even tens of dollars have to be value-added tickets, which forms a huge contrast. The impression is that either the counterfeit or the other company’s tax evasion. However, the Taipei hotel near MRT object of deception is foreigners. Audit companies are also a group of young undergraduate masters with no experience and no brains. If you want to say why you do n’t need a value-added ticket, I think the first is that the cost is too high, you have to buy a value-added ticket, hundreds of thousands of books, and an ordinary invoice is only a few hundred dollars; the Taipei hotel near MRT second is not safe. Almost all open value-added tickets were found. why? You think, he did n’t make Taipei hotel near MRT one or two copies; selling was not one or two customers, and he spread the net in such a large area. As long as something happened in one link, the others would never run. So the chance of an accident is almost 100%. Third, and most importantly, this is a beheading, who will do it? Even if the director is willing to work, the boss may not have dared to take risks. In order to support these fake accounts, we also need to supplement a large number of documents. Take the Taipei hotel near MRT raw materials, you need to supplement the inspection list, warehousing list, picking list, warehousing list, make corresponding accounts, and enter the computer, how much work! Of course, it is often that the donkey’s lips are not the same as the horse’s mouth. The triodes are on our tickets. They are potentiometers. But this is no longer easy, there is something better than nothing. You see this is the mess I want to take over. It turned out that there was an investment department dedicated to listing matters. At that time, it was more organized. After all, it was in charge of itself and no communication was needed. However, there are also problems: first, the pressure mentioned above is large; second, it is too comprehensive to know, which is more dangerous. The boss once entrusted her to tell her former investment manager who had left her job and let her shut up, otherwise don’t blame me. Third, the workload is too large and error-prone. For example, there is a joke. We have one of the earliest suppliers who brought us to court. What happened? Arrears, of course. So the legal department prepared the information to respond. At that time, our procedure was like this: After the supplier arrived, the property management department issued a six-link order and handed in one page of the supplier. At the time of settlement, the original bill is recovered and settled with the financial statement and the check stub attached. So the original investment department made many such lists according to gourd drawings. As mentioned earlier, the two sets of real and false accounts share some vouchers.