“The Next Stop Is Happiness” eternity ring.

Not long ago, everyone was smashed by the sweet interaction of the Shuangsong couple in “The Next Stop Is Happiness” eternity ring. As a result, before the sugar was enough, the female lead dumped the male lead, making the sugar in the audience’s mouth bitter. Endlessly, every day I look eternity ring forward to them being able to recombine and swallow the sugar in their mouth with a smile. However, from the recent plot, the two are still hopeless. Coincidentally at this time, a real high-sweet idol drama “Nei He boss wants to marry me 2” was launched. Everyone might as well climb the wall first and take a look at the eternity ring sugar of the Lings and theirs. Toilet niche, ambiguous interaction The first interaction between the male and female protagonists was in the toilet. White Lotus and the heroine were in a fight. White Lotus was ready to splash the eternity ring female hero with water. As a result, the female hero avoided, and the male hero was beaten. When I came to the bathroom, the female lead thought that the male lead seemed to know each other, so she started to awaken the male lead’s eternity ring various memories. After a while, the alcove male lead, and then he would pull him to dance, all kinds of puppets to the male lead. Hand! so that the eternity ring female hero cannot be forgotten, and this has also made rapid progress for the next two people. A good bedding. I did n’t want to let go when I held hands, because two people were photographed on the Internet by the reporter while they were in the toilet. The two people spread a scandal. The female lead went to the fencing hall to find a male lead to help her. The second time they met, it looked like an awkward scene of two couples. The hostess was furious because the previous host released the pigeons and did not see her. The male host silently endured the anger, and then spoke out to comfort the hostess. Then the two men began to negotiate peacefully. Yu politely pulled his hand, the male lead was not willing to let go, and the female lead did not respond. The high-profile engagement and happy male lead promised to help the female lead solve the problem. The female lead did not expect to announce the marriage of the two directly, and the Lings were formally established. Although they haven’t discussed it before, the performance of the two people is quite decent. At least in terms of material, the two people look very good. From the couple outfit to the engagement ring, the male protagonist conspired to show his affection, overflowing the screen Happiness makes the audience deeply infected. Although the boss announced that the engagement was a decision made by the male owner without authorization, after much consideration, the female lead agreed to his decision and signed an engagement agreement with him. The two started dating just like real couples. Mode, in order to chat with Charlene, the assistant did n’t send the emoji to herself on the phone. The assistant asked the emoji for the boss to please the future. The whole company was haunted by the sweet atmosphere of Ling boss.