It is reported that the transaction builds on the existing partnership between the two parties japan property agency

It is reported that the transaction builds on the existing partnership between the two parties japan property agency, and the company has also received up to 800 million US dollars in commitments to co-invest. Themed platforms such as medical and education-related real estate have also successfully invested in other existing themed property portfolios japan property agency, such as discounted shopping malls and logistics facilities. And other new investors japan property agency. Demographics and market conditions develop specific investment strategies for each target market and will not be limited to investing in any particular real estate category. Provide one-stop overseas services for overseas immigration japan property agency, overseas reception, overseas education, and wealth management. The company has a mature marketing system and sales channels to improve the service closed-loop at the business level: the company provides overseas tourism services japan property agency, focuses on the development of its main business, and opens up tax exemption japan property agency. The new business has diversified development, and the follow-up of two-wheel drive is expected to welcome high-speed development. Trade frictions, a negative interest rate environment, and China’s economic growth goals will be three clues to understanding the global economic outlook for 2020. Global manufacturing activity has contracted. Next year ’s US election, the intensity of trade friction may decline, or it may drive global trade and manufacturing to pick up. Second, the era of negative interest rates for major global economies is approaching. Next year, China will build a well-off society in an all-round way as scheduled. There is no need to overemphasize the growth target of GDP. With the further development of fiscal policies, the growth rate may rise slightly to 5.0%; auto consumption stabilizes The recovery stimulated the growth of total retail sales of social goods to 8.0% year-on-year. The reduction of taxes and fees and the reform of the taxation division of the central and local governments will be further promoted, and new fiscal regulations will also come into effect, but the arrival of local government debt repayment peaks will constrain the space for local active fiscal development. In terms of monetary policy, the long-term structural problems of the global economy have not been fundamentally resolved, and the long-term downward trend of economic growth continues. The first is the global polarization between rich and poor since the financial crisis in 2008. Such differentiation will bring instability within countries, and this instability will spill over. In recent years, trade frictions, populism, street protests, and strikes have been directly or indirectly related to the polarization of the rich and the poor. Throughout the past two hundred years of history, the polarization of the rich and the poor will tend to hinder globalization.The second is the stagnation of technological progress. In the long run, under the premise that aging is difficult to reverse, technological progress is the only factor of productivity that can be counted on. But 10 years after the 2008 global financial crisis,From product to service, there is no subversive or theoretical innovation, mostly based on the improvement of the original product and service form. The third is the global liquidity trap.