In the past dozen years of bloody rain and countless heroes japan property agency

In the past dozen years of bloody rain and countless heroes japan property agency, the photovoltaic industry has finally waited for today’s broad prospects japan property agency. It is predicted that the new installed capacity of photovoltaics in 2019 will be 88-98GW, and the average annual compound growth of the new markets will be about 8% japan property agency; there is no doubt that China is the most important market in the broad development prospects of photovoltaics. And JinkoSolar, a leading company in China, is showing its great strength japan property agency. The rise of a number of Chinese photovoltaic industry companies, JinkoSolar is one of them. Founded in 2006 japan property agency, Jinko Energy Holding Co., Ltd. is a ground power station from more than 90 countries around the world. With Italy, the Netherlands, and Switzerland joining the solar energy plan japan property agency, orders from the European Union have skyrocketed. Some companies even signed supply contracts with suppliers for up to 10 years. Many power plants found that using crude oil to generate electricity is cheaper than polysilicon, so they simply stopped photovoltaic projects and their sales revenue exceeded 400 million. The financial crisis has not resisted, maybe it will be the top five photovoltaic giants in the country in the future. After joining Sun Valley Energy, he opened the road with football, successfully entered 5 countries including Germany and Switzerland, and has become the 7th place in the global photovoltaic module supplier. By 2011, actively expanding emerging markets, advancing the vertical integration strategy, and possessing complete process control capabilities that penetrated the entire industrial chain from silicon ingots and wafers to solar cells and modules, EPC general contracting, and power station investment, thereby eliminating the need for Upstream and downstream dependencies. In the drama of “The King Strikes Back”, the operating income in 2018 was more than 25 billion yuan, which is nearly 36 times that of 2007. And it is quite rare that in the industrial turbulence situation since 2008, it was only in 2009 and 2012 These two years have seen negative growth in revenue, but instead look at the future, mortgage all of your belongings, raise funds against the trend, work hard on internal strength, and improve research and development technology and product strength. The goal is to direct the world-class solar cell suppliers. Higher efficiency , More reliable, lower cost. He invested three times the research and development manpower, set up three independent research and development teams in the company, “less than 2.5 cents a kilowatt-hour, the first time we feel impossible, can not do it”, But he will guide the team to “let it go”, and the result is really achieved. Taking advantage of the vertically integrated photovoltaic industry chain, it is to be one man, one man, one from the top, and manage the quality of human power. maximum”. He requested that 16 quality control points be deployed in the workshop, each control point being equipped with data recording and monitoring equipment, ”