From her clothes and children’s daily life, the family has another happy event eternity ring

From her clothes and children’s daily life, the family has another happy event,eternity ring and I believe that his wedding will become the target of foreign media to report eternity ring. She hasn’t shown up in the past three months, and the marriage that the two of them put on the agenda last year hasn’t been realized this year eternity ring, so many people guess that the two have split up and got together! However eternity ring, people familiar with the matter said that the relationship between the two was the same as before, and there was no change. No matter what, I still hope that these two people can come together eternity ring, I hope he can become a man who is willing to shelter her from the wind and rain! Officials announced that they were getting married eternity ring. Some netizens broke the news recently, at least from the last century. Netizens found the same style at the auction house, which costs from 30,000 to 40,000 Euros. It is equivalent to RMB 3 million, which was also taken by Xiang Tai at the auction house, and the value will not be less than 5 million. So being a netizen but being able to marry into a giant is still very happy. Moreover, Xiangjia is not an ordinary giant. When it is learned that the price of the crown is only 3 million yuan, then bless them. Many people like to wear a ring, which is not only good-looking, but also makes the fingers look longer, but many people do n’t know. Let ’s talk about the meaning of wearing a ring on each finger, see the picture below. 2. Some people say that the left hand shows the luck that God gave you. Don’t get it wrong, otherwise you will laugh. 3. On international standards, wearing a ring on your thumb indicates that you are looking for a partner. If you just like to bring a ring and don’t want to have any meaning, it is recommended to wear a flower ring. It is only a decorative effect. No finger makes any sense. Diamonds are known as indestructible love, so they have been fired at a price, but there is no way. Diamonds are dazzling, and women’s resistance to them is basically zero. The “small” ones may be spit out. When it comes to engagement diamond rings, such a diamond ring wears a hand, and the return rate will definitely explode. It is estimated that wearing it will feel very face-saving, but it is still very dangerous to take out a diamond ring so large. Because this diamond ring is too small, if you don’t take a closer look, you will find that it has a diamond on it. The woman’s husband spent $ 1,674 on the diamond ring. Most netizens attacked the woman with words. The woman who spoke was a material woman! But no amount of money comes to someone who loves you! There were more than ten boxes of luggage with me. Seen at the scene, several fans had already arrived and waited in the morning. Asked where they were going this time? Romance to my happiness crying!Okay! Happiness goes!Takako was born early!Give birth! Give birth to two! Come on! Born!