Taipei hotel near MRT my three cousins ​​live in Hsinchu and Tainan

There are many empty tea cans in the house. When the weather is hot, I use them to hold the beloved rice, and then put them in the refrigerator, so that the rice will not be mildewed and produce terrible aflatoxin. The canned teas are all very big, and the names are all powerful and powerful. What are the “tea kings” and “old tea kings”. That is,Taipei hotel near MRT my three cousins ​​live in Hsinchu and Tainan. I first called Hsinchu’s cousin to shake the country’s phone. Twenty years ago, he accompanied the second aunt to return to the provincial capital. We met in Shanghai. I promised to go to Hsinchu to see him on the phone. I took the Taiwan Railway to Hsinchu. The big cousin said that I would like to pick it up. I said no, his home is not far from the train station. I walked by myself. Sure enough, he took his son to come, I want him to help him to persuade the child, master of mechanical and electrical master, let the big company do not enter, the drought and flood protection days, but to help others engage in cultural creation,Taipei hotel near MRT even a normal income. His son opened the phone and showed me one of his poems. Wenchuang is also a sunrise industry, so let him try. The result is contrary to the original intention, the big cousin must regret it,Taipei hotel near MRT should not bring his son to see me. But as he was beaten,Taipei hotel near MRT he overcame the fear of the Taipei interchange, and then drove around almost every other time. How did you get dengue fever this year? It seems that it is his fault, the mosquito did not give him face. At the end of the wedding, Tainan came to the news and said that the two cousins ​​had to drive to see me. I feel very scared,Taipei hotel near MRT but I can’t discourage it. Starting from Tainan in the early morning, the car is full of various fruits, pineapple, grapefruit, mango, guava,Taipei hotel near MRT lotus, dragon fruit… It’s just moving all the fruits of Tainan, you can open a pocket fruit fair. ! Then there are countless cans of oolong tea, he also taught me how to make tea, the taste is really different. I came to the living room with tea, and once again I was stunned: the watchers sitting on the sofa, under the command of the three cousin, used the coffee table as a workbench, cutting the pineapple, cutting the pineapple, peeling the grapefruit. Peeling grapefruit, Tainan fruit is best eaten, you will soon finish eating. It’s not too early to see, everyone is coming out again, a cardboard box, just a fruit, now the shell, still put back in the trunk, and then waved. It takes four or five hours on the road.I have tried hard to think about what the pot is, what the jars are, but unfortunately every time it is futile. However, the fragrance of Taiwanese tea is permeated in the house, and it will always be the same if it is not allowed to disperse for a long time.