As its form is constantly being interpreted and adapted eternity ring

As its form is constantly being interpreted and adapted eternity ring, the characters in it are constantly undergoing changes and reshaping, losing their true appearance. In order to achieve a true return to human nature eternity ring. I will tell you about it today, the true face of Tang Yin’s image. The characteristics of Tang Yi’s masters and apprentices. Unswerving and timid and weak Hu Shi on the other hand but timid and weak. Before he left, Tang Yan had a firm belief in the Western Heaven and won’t give up. I am going to do this eternity ring, I have to work hard, I am afraid that there will be no return, it is difficult to save lives. “Xuan Zang is “self-hearted with a finger” and replied “Heart, all kinds of magic life; heart is destroyed, all kinds of demon.” “Let all the people praise eternity ring, and all advertise the loyalty and boldness of the Master. The thirteenth time of the novel, the first time the wizard encounters the demon, it will have a soul to fly, and see the hunter is also “squatting on the road” straight Shouting for help. Waiting for the eagle eagle, Tang Yu’s white horse was eaten by the three princes who squatted in the mortal world eternity ring. How can he be born!” Only the eager Sun Wukong had a dilemma. In the sixteenth time, Sun Wukong wanted to find a bear to ask for it eternity ring. Tang Zhen first thought of it: “When you go, why do I?” It can be seen that from the sorghum to the ordinary mortal, bring the real “man taste”. Characteristics of Tang Yin 2. Compassionate kindness and paranoia are unreasonable as a monk. Tang Yi treats people with compassion and kindness. Tang Yan bitterly persuaded that “parents are, not far away, and there must be a trip.” Admonish her to walk in the mountains, or to accompany the children. The woman smiled and accompanied the slang to send the vegetarian meal. However, in the face of Sun Wukong, who was demonized and demonized and loyal guards along the way, Tang Yan often did not listen to the defense, and mistrusted the rumors, especially the robbers who killed him in Wukong. At that time, Tang Yan did not care about the teacher and the disciples: “You go to the temple of Sen Luo and raise the word, and the tree is rooted. His surname is Sun, my surname is Chen, and each is a different surname. You have a head, a debt owner, don’t sue me to learn from the monks. Such a kind of contradictory behavior makes Tang Yu’s image more full and rich. Tang Sanzang’s characteristics are three. Pursuit of detachment and secular greed Tang Yin itself is the incarnation of Jin Zizi, the sorghum of the tenth practice, strictly guarding all the rules and regulations of Buddhism, pursuing one heart Beyond the secular, Tang Yan, who arrived at the other side to become a Buddha, could not stand on his way to express his secular side. In the novel, the mission of the Master is to serve the purpose of the Tang Dynasty.