Jinan is currently planning the largest night market nail central

Jianghu Art Agency arrives at the traffic: K11 Road, K18 Road, K29 Road, K34 Road, K43 Road, K58 Road can go to the Union Night Market Jinan is currently planning the largest night market nail central, opening at 7 pm, a variety of food is dizzying. Address: Zhulu Road Central Union Eastern Trade City Arrival Transportation: K30 Road, K80 Road, K118 Road nail central, K201 Road, K205 Road, K113 Road, you can fly to the Fangte Oriental Goddess to enjoy the jungle flying dragon, the source of the Jinxiuchuan Reservoir, the mountain Waterfalls nail central, stacks, streams, and pools are fascinating and lingering. Cool, camp and watch the show at night. Characteristic landscape: Shentan Waterfall nail central, Jiuru Canyon, Tianpeng Waterfall, Great Wall Trail, World Health Organization on the 17th, the African country Congo (Ejin) Ebola outbreak triggered a global health emergency. The outbreak of the Ebola epidemic last August has caused health experts to worry about the spread of the virus to a wider extent nail central. Rare “Alert” The WHO Emergency Committee held a meeting on the Ebola epidemic in Congo (DRC) on the 17th. Director-General Tan Desai accepted the committee’s recommendations on the same day nail central, except that the epidemic had previously been confined to remote areas in the east. This week, the first Ebola-infected patient died in Goma, the capital of North Kivu. The Emergency Committee believes that this deceased patient is “a specific cause of concern”. Although the risk of the virus spreading around the world is “still not high”, in Tan Desai’s view, as a “gateway” to the Great Lakes region of Africa and the wider region, the Ebola deaths in Goma “break the situation”. However, the risk of Ebola regional transmission is high and the risk of out-of-region transmission is low. Goma has a permanent population of about 1 million. More than 16,000 people have been vaccinated in North Kivu and Ituri provinces, but there has been long-term turmoil and local residents have not trusted medical staff, resulting in resistance to epidemic control. The Emergency Committee recommended that “try to find ways” to increase the supply of vaccines. “There is still no control… We cannot continue to do the same thing, but expect different results”. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies hopes that a global health emergency will “bring international attention that should be received” for the epidemic. At the transit point connecting Goma and Gisenyi, Robert Stephen, chairman of the WHO Emergency Committee, said that countries should not use this as a reason to close borders or restrict trade, and thus have a negative impact on the population affected by the epidemic. It is 70 km from the Beni area of ​​North Kivu. “I am vaccinated to avoid getting infected with Ebola,” he told the Associated Press. “Closed borders may be detrimental to our economy, and the Ministry of Health and WHO must end the epidemic as soon as possible.”Such restrictions may affect “commodities and health care workers entering countries affected by (epidemic)”