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During the Tang and Song Dynasties, the technique in making furniture progressed rapidly and some brand-new and delicate furniture were made during this period, such as cupboards, chinese lesson Singapore drawers, dressing tables and so on. Then, in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Chinese furniture developed to its peak point and far beyond the rest of the world. Based on the traditional crafting style, Chinese furniture producers have also made some innovation in this field. Some advanced modern technologies are taken by them to make the furniture more delicate and endurable. chinese lesson Singapore For instance, some specific materials are used to lock the color deep inside and give excellent resistance to the fading often caused by sunlight and cleaning. All the fashionable Chinese furniture are waiting for you here. Dining furniture, Occasional furniture, chinese lesson Singapore Office furniture, no matter what kind of Chinese furniture you are in need of, join us and you will find what you need! The Chinese have been using herbs to battle disease for thousands of years and unlike most countries, the Chinese tested all of the herbs that they use on themselves rather than on animals. chinese lesson Singapore Basically it was a process that took many years of trial and error to get to the point of recognition that Chinese herbs have today. Over the years the Chinese were able to come up with some very effective herbal cures for many ailments. chinese lesson Singapore To this day, many are still used on a global scale and are referred to as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). What I found to be amazing about Chinese herbal cures, is that one can mix multiple herbs together to create a perfect recipe for just about any disease or ailment. This unique asset makes Chinese herbs a first pick for many who embrace the idea of mixing only herbs that address individual symptoms precisely. chinese lesson Singapore Compare the use of Western medicine to Chinese herbal medicine to treat depression and anxiety. Western medicine will treat depression and anxiety with pharmaceutical drugs more than nine out of ten times. Why? Well, it will alter the brains chemistry and make everything appear to be alright again while restoring a sense of normalcy to that person. Combining these treatments with some of the Chinese herbs that are available will ensure even further success. Try mixing Chai hu with a hint of mint as the best way to free up the gi of the chest. This has been known to work for so many years that it is hard to argue with the results. It is no wonder why Chinese herbal cures are still used and respected to this day. Today many schools in non-English speaking nations are making a bilingual approach to education whereby English as well as the local language is not neglected. Anglo Chinese independent school follows the same approach. Yew Chung Education Foundation is one such Anglo Chinese independent school with multicultural and bilingual approach. Yew Chung International Schools has its presence in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, Qingdao, and Silicon Valley. But all these schools have adopted the same approach with a bilingual and multicultural curriculum. This Anglo Chinese independent school’s bilingual programs aim at giving emphasize on learning of English, which is an international language and at the same makes sure that Chinese is given the same amount of importance. Thus this Yew Chung International Schools’ main objective is to produce students who are world citizens with intact native values. Quality education is yet another area which is given due importance at this Anglo Chinese independent school. This in turn will enable the students of this Anglo Chinese independent school to understand and reflect better on global issues. However, taking special care of local students, an informal curriculum is also included which ensures that Chinese language and culture is not neglected. This Anglo Chinese independent school also has an Intensive English Programme fulfilling the aspirations of students from non-English background wishing to learn English.