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The award winning Grand Designs Live features are considered some of the best in the country. The show offers an astounding day out, offering value for money with a rare chance to get information on brand quality, eyelash extensions hong kong and expectations before you make any commitment. Are you sick of your short, damp eyelashes? Do you want to get long, luxurious lashes and become the envy of everybody? Perhaps you don have sufficient time to apply false eyelashes everyday. After all, it is a very tedious process and false lashes can look terrible if you are not an expert at applying them. eyelash extensions hong kong Going with eyelash extensions (semi-permanent) may not be your thing for a number of reasons . To maintain the lashes you will need to get them renewed every 2 months which, can be time consuming and expensive . eyelash extensions hong kong Permanent eyelash implants are becoming more and more common throughout the world. Permanent eye lash surgery is available in North America but is more common in countries like Japan and Korea . eyelash extensions hong kong Many Asian women like to have this procedure done because they tend to have less hair and comparatively short eyelashes. Most women are pleased with the surgical procedure and the results that are acquired. Some women do not want to accept the risk as the op involves going under anethesia . With permanent eyelashes your get long lasting eyelashes that will require very little time to make them look gorgeous. Nonetheless, if you do not wish to take the risks connected with the permanent eyelashes surgery, there are plenty of other methods you can use to lengthen your lashes. eyelash extensions hong kong And if you are happy with your lashes as they are, then more power to you. Destinations spas are those hotels and resorts which promote the sole purpose of helping people to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Destinations spas are usually situated in rather remote areas and serve very few guests at a time. This helps maintain a calm, tranquil atmosphere that encourages relaxation and stress relief. They usually offer meals, eyelash extensions hong kong activities, spa treatments and classes, as part of their overall package. Unlike resorts, all activities and meals at destination spas are complementary to the overall health and relaxation purpose of the spa. These spas stipulate a minimum duration of stay to ensure the customer properly benefits from their stay. One of the first spas of its kind in Asia, Chiva-Som merges western and eastern influences to create an opulent spa with superb hospitality, service and treatments. Originally starting their ventures in Thailand, this resort group has branched out to form one of the largest chains of resorts and destination spas in the Asian continent. This spa offers everything from lifestyle training to luxurious spa treatments, creating an opulent atmosphere for its guests. Placed amongst the finest luxury hotels in the world and with a magnificent view of Hong Kong’s famous Victoria Harbour and the Wanchai district, Grand Hyatt hosts the excellent residential spa, Plateau Spa. This award-winning spa offers excellent dining as well as excellent service and a great range of amenities that will ensure guests a wonderful visit. In the recent past the Asian market has become more and more biased towards foreign investment. Lot of countries in the region have completely removed their unnecessary restrictions on foreign investors. This attracted more investment in the property market as well. As a result there was a real boom in the property section of the market in 2007. Thailand has been a tricky destination for tourists around the world. It is exotic island home to some of the best investment opportunities available in Asia. The influx of travelers from UK has increased as a consequence of budget airlines and consistent backup of expats who live in places like Singapore and Hong Kong. Investors can expect excellent returns from Thai beach property over the next couple of years. Thailand promises to be a profitable investment market for a good part of the next decade.