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Yes It does happen and it is quite normal that sometimes no matter how hard you try you just can not get a single thing down on the paper. This is when you have to use all tricks possible to be able to get going and one suggestion is to just walk away for a while and do something else. Sitting down to write an article should be fun and therefore it might be a good idea to just write an article about something you really enjoy writing about. It doesn’t matter if this is what you are supposed to be writing about but it may be a good way to get your creativity flowing again. chinese lesson Singapore, it will be a huge test to guess the meaning of word or phrases without the context. Also, different character components like prefixes, roots, suffixes would change meaning and message if transferred to Romanized pinyin. The original Chinese script with its wealth of characters is a great treasury of Chinese culture and tradition. chinese lesson Singapore There is a plethora of classical literature which is written in traditional Chinese characters. The substitution of the Chinese character would result in a great loss of these precious resources. Many article marketers can very often find themselves dreading writing articles and I must say that this has also happened to me several times. This is bound to happen especially if you are a person who does a lot of article writing and who does this on a daily basis. If these suggestions fail you can always challenge yourself. Make up your mind that this is going to be the best article you have ever written and that you are not going to get off that computer until you have finished your article. What I suggest you do is find a bunch of other articles that has been written about the same topic and read them. chinese lesson Singapore By doing you are almost guaranteed to all of a sudden just visualize the article you want to write. It is a guaranteed method for me, that when I challenge myself in this manner I am bound to come up with something and normally it ends up being a great article As an example of how Chinese terms and concepts are being discovered and developed to capture Chinese rhetorical experiences, Lu uncovers and puts in dialogue six related terms in classical Chinese to conceptualize and describe speech patterns, persuasive discourse, and rational thinking in ancient China. chinese lesson Singapore Through these terms and through her contextualized analysis of them, she creates a situated narrative of ancient Chinese rhetoric that is diverse, polyvalent, and broadly distributed. Similarly, Andy Kirkpatrick studies the Wen Z,e The Rules of Writing the first systematic account of Chinese rhetoric by Chen Kui. Instead of resorting to Western rhetorical terms or principles to frame his analysis of Shoes Online( the text, Kirkpatrick develops the main principles of Chinese composition and rhetoric by directly appealing to what is laid out both in the text and within the larger historical and cultural context. Think about the total amount of websites on the Internet. A quick search indicates a number of more than 108 million. chinese lesson Singapore But now, consider how many of those will interest you and keep you coming back throughout your entire life? For most people that number averages between 50 and 100. chinese lesson Singapore There may be websites they use for a certain period of time, but the ones that they go back to all have one thing in common: great content. And naturally, that is due to great content writing and a passion for that particular subject. Content writing can be changed from good to excellent if you put yourself in your visitors’ shoes and think about what they want and how they want it. Now this seems rather vague, but let us add in words like style, clarity, brevity and that sought after human element. These are all qualities which make websites more appealing to visitors to a site. Most people will appreciate a joke or two or even just any sign that you are not a machine.These are basic elements associated with content writing. Other forms of content writing include SEO content writing which is an advisable read if you have a website you want to get listed in the search engine rankings.