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But air pollution doesn’t stop in developing countries. Here at home in the US, we are often accused by the international community as being the biggest emitter of greenhouse gases worldwide. In addition to industrial pollution, millions of us have these big automobiles which are all spewing out air contaminants and affecting the quality of the air breathed as we walk around outside. dog walker hong kong bush has not agreed to reduce emissions at the time of writing this article. He said it would be damaging to the US economy. He also went on to say that developing countries were not required to cut their emissions so didn’t see why the US had to do so at this time.We don’t need scientists to tell us we require ‘air’ to survive. The air we breathe has a gas called oxygen and without it there would be no life period. Humans, plants and animals all need oxygen to survive but although oxygen is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless, there are a lot of pollutants in the air which are not. dog walker hong kong which is why ionic air purifiers have become all the rage these days. But just how bad is bad when we talk about the quality of the air we breathe? I found this an incredible read. What does it say for places like Bangkok in Thailand where you can almost chew on the air it’s that thick. My Thai physician here in the USA, explained that Bangkok has lung cancer rates which are about three times higher than the rest of the country, and its air pollution levels are some 14 times higher than international health standards. dog walker hong kong The price of pollution in the Asia region seems to indicate these Eastern cities are suffocating on their own economic prosperity. Quite a price to pay wouldn’t you say! Governments play a huge role in protecting its citizens and the planet as a whole, but we the little people, also have a duty to do what we can in order to help improve the quality of the air we breathe, and that goes for inside as well as out. In actual fact, our home and work environments may be damaging our health without us even realizing it. dog walker hong kong So many of us spend a high percentage of our time indoors, so the quality of the air we breathe inside is very important. Shopping for wholesale fashion clothing is not a recent idea. There has been evidence which has indicated that societies have opted for “economic buying” more than 2,000 years before. This is an indication that it has always been a fact that people constantly find ways to lessen the burden of having to pay for costly goods and services. While there are some individuals who do not mind the high prices of commodities and services, there are more people who like to get a discount once in a while. The idea of bulk buying can be applied to almost everything that is offered in the market. You can buy grocery items in bulk orders. dog walker hong kong  If you have a clothing store, you have the opportunity to shop in bundles. This type of purchasing is also referred to as wholesale buying. The main benefit that you can get from this concept is the chance to buy clothing at economic prices. Fashion wholesale suppliers are found all throughout the world. dog walker hong kong  You can go for Florida cloth wholesale, where the styles are derived from the fashion sense of the citizens of the state. On the other hand, you can also choose to purchase Asian fashion wholesale apparel. When you buy from the clothing suppliers of Asia, you are offered with fashion choices such as Hong Kong fashion or Japan & Korea fashion clothing. The most common perception that people have on wholesale dresses or blouses is that these are made from flimsy materials which break easily after several uses. However, this is not the case if you only know how to choose from several wholesalers.