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In China, chronic suspicion prevails chinese lesson Singapore. China people ‘appear to be quite suspicious and cold towards strangers with whom relationships have not been established’. Nobody could be trusted except one’s kinfolk in the form of the extended family. As China people do not trust outsiders, a social network consisting of family members, relatives, friends, classmates, colleagues etc is the immediate sphere on which trust can be established, reciprocated and developed. Such an obsession with trust is caused by another chinese lesson Singapore, often neglected, phenomenon in China, dishonesty. In business transactions, a great deal of adulteration of goods is practiced, for example, weights and measures are juggled. To protect one’s interest and ensure that opportunistic behaviors such as cheating are kept to a minimum, trust must be established before any serious business relationship can be cemented. Trust-based ‘guanxiwang’ is the alternative to the market, which is often driven by opportunistic behaviors. Face is a concept of central importance because of its pervasive influence in interpersonal relations among Chinese. Chinese face can be classified into two types chinese lesson Singapore, ‘lian’and ‘mian-zi’. ‘Lian’ represents the confidence of society in the integrity of ego’s moral character, loss of which makes it impossible for him to function properly within the community, while ‘mian-zi’ stands for the kind of prestige that is emphasized, a reputation achieved through getting on in life, through success and ostentation’. When ‘lian’ is lost, the person will feel that he/she can no longer live in the world. One of Confucius’ virtues is to respect authority and the elderly. Someone with authority, often elderly and with a good reputation, can ask favours of others. The person may act as a common agent to start a new exchange relationship. Favours can also be asked between friends. It is an accepted norm that as ‘old friends’ one should give face to the other when favour is requested chinese lesson Singapore. Once again, it has been shown that the cultural values from China such as face, hierarchy and power distance are closely related to the creation and development of the business network. Loss of ‘lian’ within a guanxiwang as a consequence of opportunistic behavior means that peers will no longer have confidence in the persons or firms concerned. As a result, their membership within a ‘guanxiwang’ and in society will be untenable. Therefore, face can be another hostage which minimizes the possibility of opportunistic behavior within a guanxiwang. This is another reason why ‘guanxiwang’ cannot merely survive but can also develop in mainland China and overseas Chinese communities. Mechanical trigger is helpful as at a time numerous releases can be made even without tiring crossbowman. The crossbows became popular for hunting and royal entourages. At times passes there were few more advancements with the weapon like it was upgraded with multiple firing crossbows chinese lesson Singapore, which were used for military campaigns. A cross bow is mounted on a stick like object knows as tiller or stock. There is a mechanism in it which holds drawn bow string. Earlier it had a slot in a stock, down in where the cocked string was placed. Firing crossbows were considered an art. To fire this a vertical rod is thrust up through a hole in the bottom of the notch, thus forcing the string out. Normally this rod is kept perpendicular to a rear facing firing lever called trigger or a tickler. Both of these types employed trigger to release the cocked string. Romans crossbows used a rotating nut held in place by a lever, while the Chinese one used hook and levers. As both had a different firing mechanism, historians strongly believe that they were innovated and developed independently chinese lesson Singapore. As a weapon crossbow was used usually by warriors, vampire slayers. Nowadays it is used by modern hunters. It looks like a hybrid of a bow and a rifle. Similar to bows it utilizes fast movement of string to launch projectiles and has a trigger and stocks. Just like rifles. Some people thinks that inventor of crossbows took certain parts from from a rifle and attached them to a bow.