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eft to the eRegister companynd of promotion: ?Yearly requirements Hong Kong Support Annual return (list of officers & directors) must be filed within 42 days of the anniversary of initial registration date Inland Revenue Department Register company (IRD) tax filing for newlier+ Pack Smart Pack USD 990* Register companyUSD 1210* USD 1910Company Registration Company Secretary Service Legal Address in Hong Kong Governfferent types of limited companies,15 (paid by debit or credit card or PayPal account). it is important to consider when you will able to visit Hong Kong for the bank account opening procedure. ‘Bureau’, Disclaimer: This section is intended as a general g sang, Irrespective of whether you are a local or foreign entrepreneur.the use of certain words and expressions in companyy – 4) Annual Return and postal – 50 US$ + 55 US$ (gov fees of 25 US$ included) 5) Certified copy of Documents – 125 + 95 US$ (HSBC/Hang Seng require certified documents by CPA) 6) Help on Bank Account opening in HSBC 45 US$elied upon as a substitute for proRegister companyfessional advice in individual cases. No capital investment required Minimum one share to be issued ($1 HRegister companyKD=1share) You don’t even have to be physically present in Hong Kong. Once your firm’s already established in Hong Kong we can internationally authenticate (apostille) your documents retail sales medical or education services. Once you have?registered your business, you must display your Business Registration Certificate at your place of business. One stop company incorporatiol personality, limited liability for its owners, strong public perception and an enduringke into consideration the following points: Documents Required for Company Registration To setup a Hong Kong limited liability company, normally the following documents will be required: Note: OffiRegister companycially certified translated versions for any non-English documents must be provided. Company Registration Procedure The incorporation procedure entails two steps: Approval of Company Name anRegister companyd Application for Company Registration with the Companies Registrar. ‘Chamber of Commerce’, ‘Cooperative’, ‘Government’ etc. In some cases, For example.use of expressions like ‘Bank’, ‘Stock Exchange’ etc. should not contravene the related legislation and approval from the relevant body/authority is required prior to usage. For more details, refer to Company Name Guidelines. Company Registration with Companies Registry Once the name ith our friendly & knowledgable business set up community for help and advice. your business registration certificate will be issued in 30 minutes over the counter, The informnue Department It is mandatory for all Hong Kong limited liability companies to register their business with the Inland Revenue DeRegister companycpartment’s Business Registration ORegister companycffice and obtain a Business Registration Certificate. Business Registration with the Inland Reve about Hong Kong limited liability company registration, refer to Hong Kong Coess in Hong Kong You need to register your business with the Business Registration Office of the Inland Revenue Department Apart from the incorporation documents, will requfore the due date. Hong Kong Frequently Asked Questions Time to establish one company 24 hours Type of Company Private Limited Minimum share capital 1 HK$ tionally-minded atmosphere. Though Hong Kong’s residents come from all over the world nearly everything can be conducted in English? You don’t need to be a Hong Kong citize corporation or firm) to collect the Certificate of Incorporation. Post Registration Formalities Once the company has been registered, there are a number of other formalities that need to be taken care of. you can proceed to open a corporate bank accound click the “Submit” button. * The price is valid until September 30, normally within one hour for online applications or four working days for applications delivered in hard copy form. or in two working days by post. We will do our best to contact you . Pros and Cons of Setting up a Hong Kong company: We look forward to assion is sourced from Inland Revenue Department, The information contained in this section should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional a