The team of the Hospital Innovation Center immediately acted lightest wheelchair ramp

The team of the Hospital Innovation Center immediately acted lightest wheelchair ramp. After the chief physician Wang Haiming and the team arrived at the hospital, he performed another bedside examination and combined the imaging data, taking into account that Master Wang’s spleen rupture was in the compensatory period. Once the compensatory period has passed lightest wheelchair ramp, decompensation will be entered Period, there will be hemorrhagic shock, and most people’s answer is loyalty lightest wheelchair ramp. However, no matter what kind of things the owner encounters, what kind of changes occur, or even sleeping on the street, the dogs will never give up. On the contrary, most of them are their own dogs. This is a story that happened to an old man and a dog lightest wheelchair ramp. Because the old and childless are taking care of him, the old man has a dog and will be mischievous at home lightest wheelchair ramp. The old man is not angry when he looks at it. The old man thinks that the dog is still small and loves to play. When seeing dogs having fun lightest wheelchair ramp, the old man will also be happy, as if seeing his child’s naughty look. After more than two years of such happy days, the old man has treated dogs like family members. The dog is getting older, but the old man’s health is not as good as before. Lie on the old man’s feet and leave, let the old man stop and rest. One day the dog and the old man went out for a bend as usual, but the old man walked very hard and the dog was a little worried. When the dog turned back, he found that the old man’s body was sinking backward. The dog rushed up quickly to catch the old man’s body. The dog and the old man fell heavily on the ground, and the old man was unconscious. Passers-by helped call the emergency center phone, how do dogs live. So the old man contacted many friends in the past, hoping that they could adopt the dog and give it a happy and stable life. In the end, the old man succeeded, and an old friend adopted the dog and brought it home. The elderly who are still being treated in the hospital, hope to see the dog one last time to see if the elderly are still there. The old man was not angry, saying he understood why the dog did it. This is the last time the dog meets the old man. How can the dog be so ruthless? The old man’s body could not stay outside for too long, and had to say “goodbye”. The old man turned the wheelchair and was about to leave. At this moment, the dog turned back to see the old man leaving, immediately wet his eyes, and broke off the rope and ran to the old man, shed tears in the arms of the old man. don’t forget to take precious photos! But some landmines must not be stepped on.