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Once someone throws a despicable vocabulary or a partial opinion eyelash extensions hong kong, someone on the other side will say, “Look up to the psychiatric department upstairs.” Or if you encounter a tyrannical guest in your life, your boss will swear: “I am sick. See a doctor!” I often think of the time in a mental hospital eyelash extensions hong kong. That skill makes me feel bad. Life forgets continuity here eyelash extensions hong kong, and the time of the hospital itself is a black void. When the sun sinks, the nursing station will broadcast. Each person takes his own shadow, takes a plastic cup to get the medicine, and swallows it in front of the nurse. One swallow eyelash extensions hong kong, the throat is awkward. The patient looked at the expression of the news as if it were twenty years ago or twenty years later. Seeing the nurse carefully helping the patient to wipe his face, a personal expression was wiped off eyelash extensions hong kong. In the morning or in the middle of the night, people often cry and scream, and I am no exception. The nurse will only come to you, holding a glass of water, saying: , eat two stable. I have thought that in addition to having been foaming and swallowing, it is unlikely to commit suicide there. Or what they said: hurt yourself eyelash extensions hong kong. If the hospital is the swamp of the night of all our lives, then the protection room is the darkest night from all the nights of a person’s life. Some people were twisted into it. The fight was very playful. The door opened a seam, the lights in the yard were thrown in, and the wailing of the people faded and gathered. I think the protection room really means: “protecting the nurses.” We are people who have no chance to be socialized, and the protection room is the last rule. Just like the movie depicting the painter of the Baroque era, the worker took a large frame of gold foil and the picture frame was placed on his shoulder and neck. He was like a person in the painting to break free. A piece of gold foil fell off his neck, the softest and weakest part of the body. In spite of this, my father carried my words on the road; at 7:00, Starbucks next to the K Pavilion had a cup of latte with a single character; at 7:00, he entered the K Hall; at 12 o’clock, he went to Starbucks to eat a sly, with a single word. I kept reading until the 10th night at the K Pavilion; when I returned to the seat, some of the papers were dropped into the bag, and some were posted on the notes. Can you be a friend with you? Wait a minute? Convenience stickers are smashed down, and the place where the stickers are smeared with a pencil, and the notes on the slogan “Jiashumeijian, the number of sorrowful sorrows, the wise man is also set up”, the reverse, light, on the back of the sticky note becomes “also facilities The wisdom of the class, relying on the number of sparse, arrow Mei Shujia” – meaning exactly the same as the original. I haven’t sat in the big test year, and my eyes are generally clean and rainy.