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Taiwan Taipei hotel The “you are free” surrounded by Luo, he did not hesitate to raise his face with his nobility, but also with the beloved, he is not willing to act as a showcase for other nobles Taiwan Taipei hotel. That is not him. I especially like the exquisite scenes in the movie, such as the classical European court, the carefully carved walls, the doors that can be opened to the wall, and the narrow, long wooden corridors. At the beginning of the film and later Taiwan Taipei hotel, the scene in which the nobility selected the child and the craftsman to deal with the corpse model had a strong sense of modernity, because there were fluorescent tubes on the top, and the walls were covered with white paint Taiwan Taipei hotel. Although the film is fictitious, the situation of the hostess is quite real, perhaps because the director first saw the mother of five children on the reality show, and then went to conceive the story, so the film is not between the ordinary and the extraordinary. Losing balance Taiwan Taipei hotel, the audience will not feel that this person is perfectly out of reach. As a rural female singer who has just been released from prison, the rebellious and hot British girl dreams of going to the American country music resort Nashville, but no husband She lacks parenting experience, but she has to raise a pair of siblings at the same time Taiwan Taipei hotel, because her old mother wants her to take up her responsibility as a mother, so in a coincidence, she entered a mansion as a cleaner for her livelihood. And met the hostess of the mansion, she introduced the country music to the hostess, and this made the hostess stunned and discovered the talent, but at the same time she must also deal with the gap between the child and repair the relationship with the mother . The story is not complicated. It is a person who should not be a “girl” but always behaves like a “girl”. How can people not evade responsibility for their children and repair relationships with mothers who do not agree with their ideals? Swing, finally overcome the demons, find the story of the original intention of singing, simple and simple, no drug, no chaotic relationship, no rebellious rebellion and nerves, some just a comfortable character interpretation and a great voice She dares to love and hate, and her swearing manners are rude. However, she is not just strong. In the face of long-term separation from her own children, her temper is gone, and her temper is gone, she hopes to pull with her. At a close distance, I don’t know how to do it. I can see that when the child can’t understand her laughing point and stare at her silently, her smiling face is a little hurt, so this character is not another. Hunting, the genius character born out of the world, but a local mom who is close to you and embraces his dreams and refuses to surrender his life.