Close your eyes and think about it eyelash extensions hong kong

Close your eyes and think about it eyelash extensions hong kong. We usually watch TV and brush the mobile phone. After reading and reading the newspaper for a long time, I will not stop it for a while. Is it not tired of my eyes? In addition to paying attention to let the eyes rest eyelash extensions hong kong, the product sister wants to say, develop a good habit of using the eyes, and eating fruit that is good for the eyes is also very helpful. When it comes to anthocyanins, there is actually a fruit that has 3-4 times the anthocyanin content of blueberries, and that is – bilberry! Bilberry and blueberry look like a blueberry eyelash extensions hong kong, but the bilberry fruit is smaller than blueberry, and the sunshine is long, giving birth to rich anthocyanins. The most intuitive thing is that when you cut the flesh, you will find that although the blueberry skin is blue-violet eyelash extensions hong kong, the flesh is not. The cranberry is the same, the outer skin and the flesh are blue. European bilberry jam is often eaten. Bilberry eye protection, it is the credit of anthocyanins! The reason why bilberry is good for the eyes is that the anthocyanins contained in the bilberry are working. It has two tricks. Everyone may be stranger. Intraocular pressure is the pressure inside the eyeball. There are constantly flowing water in the eye to maintain the pressure in the eye and our clear vision. Turn off the lights before going to bed eyelash extensions hong kong, or play the phone while bumping on the bus or walking. The eye muscles need to be shaking, constantly adjust to catch up with the “focal length”, anthocyanins, which is a good helper to scavenge free radicals. It can relieve eye fatigue by inhibiting free radicals that damage the structure of the eye eyelash extensions hong kong, protecting the micro-vessels of the eye, improving the microcirculation of the fundus, and increasing the blood flow of the ciliary muscle. It has the effect of transmitting light stimulation to the brain. However, when working in the human eye, the rhodopsin will be decomposed bit by bit, and the age will increase and the decomposition will accelerate. At this time, you need anthocyanins to help. It can be called “eye moisturizer”, can be converted into vitamin A in the human body, can moisturize and moisturize the eyes, relieve dry eyes. However, the macula is a strong shield against harmful light, so it is easy to cause macular degeneration and blurred vision when lutein is deficient. The human body cannot synthesize lutein by itself. If it is not supplemented, the age will gradually lose and it will be lacking! Thereby improving the visual function. Therefore, to protect your eyes, remember to replenish the nutrients needed by your eyes in a timely manner. Bilberry anthocyanins, beta-carotene and lutein can’t run! There is a pair of brothers who are very different in character. A house is full of heart and a heart, that is the two protagonists of the story, Guo Jing and Yang Kang. As soon as he appeared, he satisfied all the imaginations of the white robe teenagers in the storytelling. The face was like a crown jade, and if the lips were coated with Dan, the gestures were like Yushu.