other fingers wearing the ring eternity ring

Original hand-painted design The meaning of the right hand and other fingers wearing the ring eternity ring, traditionally: Thumb: a symbol of wealth and power, such as the ancient finger is worn on the right thumb of the index finger: on behalf of the family or the collective eternity ring, such as those with family crest Usually worn on the right index finger little finger: on behalf of the professional status eternity ring, usually graduates will wear. Stacked wear is more elaborate, except that different fingers wear a ring to represent different meanings eternity ring. According to “numerology”, different fingers wear rings and have different transfer functions. South red antique jade carving refers to the thumb: represents Fu eternity ring, Lu, Shou, suitable for the elderly index finger: meaning power, status, wealth, middle finger: lucky wealth, marriage, happiness, nameless finger: evil spirits, marriage happiness, small thumb: transshipment eternity ring, anti-small People spend a lot of money and in many jewels and jade, Nanhong is undoubtedly the most suitable for winter. Its red joy, at the end of 2018, this will definitely give you the best luck!”Why should you be diligent? Refers to a pair of silver.” From this verse, you can know that the tradition of using a ring as a token of love has long been in our country. In this era, the ring is an indispensable element of lover’s marriage. The ring means that the love of the two is pure and innocent, and the love is more than Jin Jian. It is the witness of the love of the two and the symbol of entering a new life together. However, modern people have been tolerant of wearing a ring. No matter whether they are married or not, regardless of their age, they can be worn. It has become a good thing for many women. The small size does not affect the work, and can be removed at any time for easy replacement. The price of the style is not expensive… It’s fun to wear, but do you know what the origin of the ring is? How did the ring come from? Now talking about the ring, I feel that it is related to love, but at the beginning, the ring has nothing to do with love. Legend 1: When Pharaoh’s seal was in ancient Egypt, Pharaoh’s representative right was a seal, but the seal was very inconvenient to carry with him, so he later tried to make the seal easy to carry. After gradually perfecting, the seal became a ring and was placed on the finger. It is also very convenient to take it out. Gradually, people began to imitate this behavior, and the ring gradually evolved into jewelry.At that time, he was punished by the gods for stealing fire for humans. Zeus tied Prometheus to the mountains. Every day an eagle took out his internal organs. At night, the organs he lost will grow again. Later, Hercules Hage Hecles killed the eagle and rescued Prometheus. The chain that had been tied to him turned into his ring.