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Eat more fruits and vegetables; if you have eye discomfort nail central, go to the hospital for treatment nail central; use eye drops or drugs in accordance with your doctor’s advice, conduct regular medical treatment nail central, and return to the clinic regularly nail central. Short armor manuscript has also been shared a lot, but I still often receive some short-story girls’ messages nail central, Xiaobian is understandable, because Xiaobian usually doesn’t like to keep nails nail central, so nails are always very good . Short state, and according to the different length of the nail, the same nail art will have different effects, some styles, but more suitable for short armor oh ~ now in the spring, hurry to see it! The manicure that many little fairies must do in spring is this delicate and elegant smudged manicure, which makes the fingertips more pleasing! There is also this exquisite diamond manicure, which will be more delicate on the short armor, the sparkling light of the diamond, and the small face of the face, and let the exquisite luster not be exaggerated, it is very suitable for short armor. ! There are also some uniquely shaped sequins, which will be more cute and charming on the short armor. With a simple solid color manicure, it is full of spring feeling, so that the short armor also has some romantic sweet atmosphere, very beautiful. Oh, in fact, short armor also has an advantage. The area of ​​the fingertips is relatively small. The nails made will be more delicate than the long nails, so even some simple nails will look particularly good. A little fairy really don’t have to worry about picking the nails that suit them. No matter whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter, in any activity of the unit, she will always be in a delicate makeup, a dress and a pair of high heels. If you talk about today’s clothes that line her skin color, a charming smile will appear on her face. Lace long skirt with a sweater. Under the one-on-one of the long skirt, Xiao Jing moved Jin Jin’s step and walked into the restaurant. Changsha has been out of the sun these days, and the temperature suddenly becomes abnormally high. There are so many people in the restaurant. I don’t know how many times I have to go to the gym to jump and how many steps I can take to get down. This guy’s brain was caught by the door, and he ate his face with a slap in the face, which didn’t ruin me? “I thought, this is in Changsha, it does not matter, it is grounded.”I will put the cherry mouth into a big mouth and wrap the whole food, so I can see it. She found that I was quietly watching her, and I went to the bathroom at least three times. Every time she came back, she looked closely, and the fine sweat from her forehead and people was gone. She looked sullen and looked very uncomfortable. I quickly asked her what it was. She said: “The store is too hot. I want to take off my sweater. If I don’t take a plastic bag and take it off again, this collar is tight and high. My makeup will be smashed. of.”