Doctor, recently I always feel dry, itchy eyelash extensions hong kong

“Doctor, recently I always feel dry, itchy eyelash extensions hong kong, what is going on?” The weather is getting dry eyelash extensions hong kong, and more and more people complain that their eyes are dry eyelash extensions hong kong, sore, burning, red blood, afraid of light, and fatigue. If these symptoms occur eyelash extensions hong kong, you may have “dry eye”. Dry eye disease is a common eye disease, and more than 50% is caused by meibomian gland dysfunction eyelash extensions hong kong. The meibomian gland is a special sebaceous gland in the upper and lower eyelids. Its main function is to secrete rouge to form the outermost layer of the tear film that protects the surface of the eyeball, thus effectively locking the moisture in the tear film. Tears do not evaporate easily and keep your eyes moist eyelash extensions hong kong. There are about 32 meibomian glands on the eyelids of normal people, which are arranged in parallel vertical lines perpendicular to the edges of the eyelids, and secrete oil to moisten the eyeballs. Some of the meibomian glands of patients with dry eye have been distorted, some have undergone catheter dilatation, and some have had irreversible atrophy and loss of meibomian glands, resulting in abnormal drainage channels of the meibomian glands or abnormal secretion of oil. Discomfort such as tingling and burning sensation in the eyes. If the dry eye disease is not actively treated, it may cause the disease to prolong. In severe cases, in addition to dry eyes and decreased vision, serious eye diseases such as keratitis and corneal ulcer may occur. At present, the main treatments for dry eye are eyelid cleaning, meibomian gland heat application, meibomian gland massage and other physical therapy with artificial tears to increase blood circulation in the eye, make the meibomian gland catheter more smooth, and the meibomian gland secretion returns to normal. The tear film lipid layer is more uniform and stable. These methods can be done once a day after getting up and before going to bed, as follows. 1. Clean. Use a cotton swab or cotton ball to remove the cleaning solution, clean the roots of the eyelashes, and remove the secretions. 3. Massage. After local hot application, gently close your eyes, put your thumb and forefinger on the inner and outer iliac of the upper eyelid, and apply force to the middle to make the tarsal arch, while applying a downward pressure; gently press the upper eyelid. Press the lower eyelid in the same way and apply an upward pressure to promote secretion discharge. Experts finally reminded that dry eye patients should wash their hands frequently, pay attention to eye hygiene; reduce blinking, reduce the time of using mobile phones and other electronic products; ensure adequate sleep; light diet, eat more fruits and vegetables; eye discomfort to the hospital; correct Follow the doctor’s advice to use eye drops or drugs, conduct regular treatment, and return to the clinic regularly.Most women also see such business opportunities. Some new-generation women want to join the US industry, but they lack experience and customers for the operation of the beauty industry. There are huge risks in blind investment. In addition to providing an excellent surgical environment and sophisticated equipment, there is also technical support from a team of stagnation experts. In addition to shared medical and cosmetic surgery, there is also a shared dental and dermatology clinic and treatment room.