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The property tax may not be as fast as the property tax that everyone is looking forward to, and may not meet us so soon! On March 25th, the 2019 Economist Annual Meeting held by China (Hainan) Reform and Development Research Institute • The China Reform Institute Forum was held in Haikou, Hainan. At the forum japan property agency, Xu Shanda, an expert of the Joint Financial and Economic Research Institute and former deputy director of the State Administration of Taxation japan property agency, said that there is still no consensus on the progress of the real estate tax at the drafting stage. There are still many problems still being studied, and the opinions are not different japan property agency. This means that there are still many problems with the current real estate tax. In Xu Shanda’s view japan property agency, the road to the establishment of real estate tax is still very long, and the actual effect of the introduction may be very different from people’s imagination. To be honest, the property tax is like a woman’s big aunt. The time is off, I am tired. What problems are faced in the real estate tax legislation? The local government is actually not active at all. From a financial point of view japan property agency, property taxes have two purposes. One is that this property tax can be used as the main tax for local taxes. Because the business tax has changed to value-added tax, the business tax was originally trillions japan property agency. Now it is gone, and then the local tax must have the main tax. What is the concept of the main tax? Want to build a place? The main tax is going to be trillions. This property tax is too small in number and does not match at all. And the result is that Shanghai and Chongqing have never announced the pilots of residents. The second is to alleviate the financial difficulties of local governments. The central government’s fiscal revenue and expenditure are not balanced, and the local government is very difficult. This reality exists. Experts at the time suggested that if the local property tax was levied, local financial difficulties could be alleviated. If the income is so small, can it alleviate the difficulties? Oh, so this purpose has not been resolved. Therefore, in 2012, Shanghai piloted two taxes. One is the change of the camp, which is part of the line.The business camp has changed, one is the property tax. What results have been achieved in the past few years? In less than half a year after the reform of the camp, many local governments have reported to the country. The provinces in our province have to participate in this pilot. We can’t wait any longer. We must participate immediately. However, property tax has not been a place to participate in the past few years. No local government said that I want to pilot, I want to join the pilot, no. 2. Only the NPC legislative plan and the government work report are credible, and other experts say that they are all white. Now that the opinions on real estate tax legislation have been issued, it is predicted that through several trials by the National People’s Congress, those experts will not predict. Experts predict that the actual situation is wrong. The most important thing is the government work report and the expression of the authority of the National People’s Congress. Last year, it was “steadily advancing”. This year, it was “steadily advancing”.