predecessors and the present eternity ring

Diamond is a dazzling existence, symbolizing true love and eternity. Her beauty, durability and rareness have made her “King of Gems” a stable position. Today, please follow the footsteps of the Caibai Jewelry and Information Bureau to take a look at the history and culture of diamonds, predecessors and the present eternity ring.Why diamonds are diamonds and diamonds, diamonds in English, from Greek “Adamas”, meaning “invincible.” It was confirmed by archaeological findings that the earliest origin of diamonds was in India. What the Indians first paid attention to was not the beauty of diamonds eternity ring, but their extraordinary hardness. People use diamonds as a sculpting tool and attribute it to the magic of the “God of Stones”. When diamonds enter China specifically, it is still inconclusive. The modern geologist Zhang Hongyi’s “Shi Ya” contains the words “cut jade knife” or “gold diamond”, and “the use of iron diamond, the iron handle, the gemstones of the gemstones”, and the origin of the Chinese name of the diamond related. The legend of diamonds The ancient Greeks believed that diamonds were fragments of stars that fell to the earth and regarded them as “the tears of the gods.” Legend has it that when Alexander the Great struck India, he discovered a diamond valley filled with diamonds. But here is surrounded by mountains, birds are difficult to cross, and there are countless poisonous snakes entrenched in the bottom of the valley, and the sergeants can only hope to sigh eternity ring. Alexander the Great caused the soldiers to slaughter the sheep and tear them into pieces eternity ring, throw them into the bottom of the valley, and the lambs were covered with diamonds. The hungry vulture flew into the valley, grabbed the meat sticking to the diamond and flew back to the top.The soldiers waiting at the top of the valley then shot the vulture with bows and arrows and removed the diamond from the lamb. The eternal and invincible nature of diamonds and imperial diamonds has made it a symbol of imperial power from the very beginning. Once owned by the royal family, it was often embedded in the crown and scepter of the emperor eternity ring, symbolizing supreme power. The world’s largest and best quality diamonds recorded in history are treasured in the secret treasures of the royal families. The British royal family has the world’s largest diamond “Cullinan” and numerous world-class diamonds, and its diamond collection is the best in the world. King Henry VIII (1491-1547) of England eternity ring, the ring with octahedral diamond crystals was once fashionable; in 1877, Queen Victoria put the famous diamond of 105.6 carats in the crown of the famous light; in 1907, Edward Seven On the 66th birthday, he received the world’s largest diamond “Courinan”, and the chopped Cullinan I and Cullinan II were set in the famous Royal Cross and Imperial Crown respectively; in 2011, Kate At the wedding, Wang Hao wore the crown of Queen Elizabeth II, which was made in 1936 in platinum and diamonds. Diamonds and love “Diamonds are long-lasting, one is forever.”