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Go to Taipei for a sightseeing marathon! Want to have a healthy and energetic trip in 2018? New Jingjie Central Asia holiday travel package, 2 people in a row, per capita ¥ 2199, with a marathon to see the beauty of Taipei! Package includes tickets + Hong Kong round-trip Taiwan ticket (including tax) + 2 nights hotel (including double breakfast) (Note: If a single person leaves, you need to make up the single room difference, the price is 2799 / person, you can consult the tour around Consultant) Convenient transportation Taiwan Taipei hotel, Taipei style, all kinds of sightseeing spots are close at hand, so cost-effective, not fast start! The Taipei Marathon is an event that must be attended by runners? Because it is the IAAF-AIMS equivalent Asian Olympic Marathon or Six Slam A-level certification event! I have heard the marathon finished the big towel, the North Horse sent a limited edition Master Kong barrel Taiwan Taipei hotel, the high horse sent the crab but you heard the lottery to send the ticket? The big towel that finished the game is also served with both hands! Do you want to participate in such a marathon? On October 28th, the Evergreen Air City Tour Marathon will learn about it Taiwan Taipei hotel! Taiwan has hundreds of road races a year Taiwan Taipei hotel, and very few have been professionally measured. This event is one of the A-level certification events with the IAAF-AIMS equivalent Asian Olympic Marathon or Six Slams! The runner’s score can be recognized by the international competition. This is also the first time that Taiwanese airlines have held a mass marathon event, which is of special significance! The scenery along the way is very good Taiwan Taipei hotel, why not go to the end? The Organizing Committee of Conscience has established a superb route for the majority of runners, passing through the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and Taipei City Hall.Taipei City, such as the Art Museum Taiwan Taipei hotel, Lin Antai Ancient Temple and Dajia Riverside Park. Let more runners feel the beauty of Taipei with their feet! The Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall is surrounded by lush, swaying and colorful trees and pools. The environment is quiet and quiet, and the memorial building is solemn and solemn. The hourly guard change ceremony is also one of the highlights of the visitor. Lin Antai Ancient Forest Lin Antai Ancient Building was built in the 48th year of Qianlong. It is a form of Taiwanese rich merchants in the form of more than 200 years ago. It has great historical value. In the marathon, the ancient buildings that passed more than 200 years ago seem to have undergone a journey from modern to ancient times. The flat city track of Dajia Riverside Park, with comfortable temperatures, runs through the streets of Taipei and enjoys the unique beauty of Taipei. The 2018 Taipei Marathon will take you to experience the three races of Taipei’s Wenrun, a marathon for all ages! The competition team has set up three groups of marathons, namely the half horse group, the 10 km group and the 3 km group, which are suitable for people of different ages. An old man went into battle. So whether you are coming to the championship, or just want to feel the height of this international event, or want to accompany the children to run together… can tell you with great certainty, you can! 21 kilometers is slightly longer, but I also want to run while visiting Taipei. The 3km group and the 10km group are a good choice! Easy to finish, the ticket may be yours!