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The peak of the survey is in short supply lightest wheelchair ramp. The emergence of not only from the “shared economy” stimulus, but more is the driving force of the reality lightest wheelchair ramp. An article in the official website of the PLA General Hospital said: “The use of shared wheelchairs not only solves the problem of wheelchair shortage in past wards lightest wheelchair ramp. It also solves the problem of difficult patients in the field and elderly patients, and relieves the pressure of accompanying family members lightest wheelchair ramp. It is highly praised by patients and their families lightest wheelchair ramp. It is understood that wheelchair rental is originally a convenience service provided by the hospital, but no matter how many wheelchairs the hospital prepares, it will always face insufficient use lightest wheelchair ramp. The reason is that after the patient or family borrows a wheelchair, it often takes several days. Not returning. Renting a wheelchair not only increases the workload of medical staff, but also makes the patient feel inconvenient with strict use regulations. Moreover, the security and monitoring devices of the hospital also greatly reduce the situation in which the shared wheelchair is vandalized. According to Bao’s statistics, the rate of sharing wheelchairs is less than 1%. The market is the truth to test everything. How to make shared wheelchairs more suitable and more adaptable to the market, I believe there is still a long way to go. Sharing bicycles Most of them are the operation of capital. Everyone is competing with each other and vicious competition, instead of considering the real demand of the market, which makes the whole industry difficult to sustain. In contrast, sharing wheelchairs is based on real demand, and the volume and sharing of bicycles cannot be shared. In the same day, it is calculated according to the hospital outpatient volume, and it cannot be taken in. Take Concord Hospital as an example, Concord Hospital The daily outpatient volume is about 15,000. According to the ratio of 5‰, the number of shared wheelchairs to be placed should be 75. At present, only 15 sets of Jianbaobao are put in place, and the situation of “supply in short supply” is very normal. At the same time, sharing The wheelchair also avoids the fate of shared bicycles being parked and vandalized. Whether there is a fixed lock pile or not, shared wheelchairs are required to be parked in the prescribed area. Traditional wheelchair rentals have short boards such as lack of maintenance, disinfection, and single product. These are problems that are difficult for hospitals to solve. The sharing of wheelchairs by third-party organizations has greatly improved these situations. Li Jinquan believes that sharing wheelchairs only borrows the name of “sharing” and is fundamentally different from sharing bicycles. Impact on use.” It is understood that there are at least three types of shared wheelchairs in operation in Beijing. In addition to the company, in the People’s Liberation Army General Hospital, Friendship Hospital, the use of wheelchairs; in the Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital, the use of the company’s shared wheelchair. Throughout the country, there are also small V-wheelchairs, one-stop wheelchairs and other shared wheelchair operators. Such a huge camp can not help but think of the shared bicycles that were once hot and now cold and clear. The shared bikes that once had a lot of time have to fall, can the shared wheelchairs persist? Many people have raised such questions. I am looking forward to how to avoid “cycling”.