nail central 美甲可以讓女人更有魅力

So the younger sisters don’t have to worry about the short armor nail central. The short short armor can also have very beautiful nails nail central. The romantic and gentle blue manicure like this is full of fairy tales and full of girlish style nail central. It is really the legendary nail central. Shen Xianyan”~ There are some beautiful sequined manicures nail central. The short armor is also very beautiful nail central. The luster of the sequins can brighten the skin tone, make the fingertips look more white, and also increase the highlights of the fingertips nail central. With a solid color manicure, or some more refined nails, they are very beautiful. In addition to arbutin, the principle is that the skin is blackened mainly because ultraviolet rays make tyrosinase active, and lysinase stimulates melanocytes to produce more melanin, arbutin. Its role is to inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, hinder the formation of melanin, and use whitening effect with niacinamide will be better. After we choose a whitening product that suits you, if you want to make your skin absorb better, you need a beauty instrument to debut! The beauty instruments used in conjunction with skin care products generally use the mutual attraction of ions and electrodes to improve the penetration of skin care products. Or use the sonic vibration technology to introduce the ingredients in the skin care products into the skin through high-frequency vibration, so that your skin can be “full meal”. In addition to external use, we can also use whitening for internal use. The very popular whitening pills actually help us to metabolize melanin more quickly, block the production of melanin, and more importantly, accelerate the skin after metabolism. Evenly. Therefore, the whitening pills of the formal enterprises are not unreliable “three no” products! In addition to whitening pills, we can also make whitening drinks, such as lemon + passion fruit rich in VC, delicious and white, so that the skin is white and can increase immunity, both inside and outside, and white together! External sunscreen is the key to whitening sunscreen is not separated, want to maintain white and tender skin, sunscreen must be in place. Although it is a cliché, but Barker still wants to emphasize! The sun protection clothing in physical sun protection is based on the principle that a material such as zinc oxide that reflects ultraviolet rays is added to the clothing material so that the ultraviolet rays do not stay or absorb. The chemical sunscreen uses the film-forming properties of chemical substances to form a protective barrier against the ultraviolet rays on the skin surface to prevent skin damage. It is necessary to know that the ultraviolet rays can not only turn black, but also cause the skin to age and destroy the collagen in the dermis. It is also the “culprit” to accelerate our aging, so the sunscreen must be on the heart! Want to whiten good things? Sister Barba helps you find it! This “concentrating essence” restores the skin’s brightening and firming, fading dark spots, soothes redness and resists the ash caused by pollution. The pearl capsules visible in the grain contain gold caviar essence and other precious ingredients to create a smooth, bright and beautiful white skin. The whitening and elastic two-in-one delicate cream uses natural fermented whitening ingredients and 10 times highly concentrated fermented pearl protein to concentrate on the pigmentation and help you tighten the skin from the inside out.