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On the matte texture of the nail surface, plus a shiny square diamond, it looks particularly good-looking, the matte finish of the matte nails, better to set off the luster of the diamond, greatly increasing the sense of high-grade fingertips, it is exceptional good looking. With some composite diamond jewelry, you can create a more refined effect, with a light elegant nail art, and just the right way to pull the whole nail back to the simple temperament, so that the fingertips are very refreshing, not fancy Feeling, but more advanced. Colored diamond jewelry can increase the color of the nails, make the fingertips more beautiful and lively, think of some colored drop-shaped diamonds, placed on the surface of the nude color, looks simple and bright, with a solid color of different colors Nail, simple and have a feeling of light luxury, very beautiful nail salon  hong kong! The mini diamonds are added to the surface of the nails, which greatly increases the delicate feel of the nail surface. With the design of the gold and silver thread, the nail surface looks more fashionable look. The small diamonds also have a very strong decorative effect nail salon  hong kong, which makes the fingertips become more advanced instantly. Many girls have the biggest concern about diamond nails is the problem of shedding. Sometimes I just finished a beautiful diamond manicure nail salon  hong kong. It won’t be long before the diamonds disappear, making the fingertips look extraordinarily embarrassing. There are many reasons for the problem of the nails falling off the nails nail salon  hong kong, but the two main reasons are the fixed and external forces. Today nail salon  hong kong, Xiaobian wants to share with you a set of simple and beautiful diamond nails. When it comes to diamond nails, it is also a style that many little fairies like very much. The delicate luster of diamonds can bring more delicate effects to the side, let The tip is full of charm. However nail salon  hong kong, some girls are not very optimistic about diamond nails. They feel that diamond nails are too arrogant. Whether it is work or life, it will be somewhat inconvenient. In particular, some girls who have to take care of housework will feel that diamond nails are not practical. Some very fine diamond manicures, although they look beautiful, do require us to take some care to care, otherwise we always worry about falling off, or hooking clothes, hair and the like, will bring us some small conditions. . So today Xiaobian has prepared some simple diamond manicures that look simple and clean and will make people feel more at ease. Fixing a small diamond at the base of the nail will keep the diamond longer, because we usually do things more touching the object is the fingertips, the root of the nail is a relatively safe position, plus a small diamond, there will be basically no The effect is also very refreshing, and it also adds to the exquisiteness of the entire nail. In addition to the traditional round diamonds, some special-shaped shaped diamonds have gradually attracted more and more girls’ attention. On the solid color surface, with a simple and elegant star-shaped diamond, it looks very refreshing, not only With the radiance of diamonds, it also adds a stylish temperament to the geometric shape, and it is very temperament with the same simple manicure.