eternity ring精湛工藝一年保固

Couples wearing together, do not have photos on the chest, write each other “small “Love letter”, there are countless small surprises prepared for each other, even at the expense of putting yourself in a gift box, giving it as a small surprise, these hearts are filled with love across the screen eternity ring. The more the back, the sweeter the relationship Send a bunch of flowers, don’t forget to get up in the neck after the delivery, give her a “closed table kiss” that makes people smile like aunt eternity ring. Not to mention everyday shopping, it is necessary to hold hands, but as a The screen couples are so natural, and everyone can see them with all kinds of careful thoughts eternity ring. In the program, not only the cooking is not to cook a big meal in person, but the two of them come from time to time to love, sweet but not greasy eternity ring. Let people call: “I also want such a man / girlfriend! “Like surprises, every time I prepare for the surprise, I am very careful to prepare every step eternity ring. It is probably the most important reason for netizens to be fascinated by this CP eternity ring. After all, the man who is attentive is the most handsome. “If you only want one People wait, I hope that is me. At the time of this sentence, people with a clear eye can feel the true feelings of each. If you make a fine reward, it is not difficult to see in the various details of the program, and with all kinds of sweet “opening the grain” to abuse the dog everyday, the eye-shaking communication and the romantic daily life between the couples are simply true feelings. Let’s take a look back. Tears and tears, snuggling around her, warming up comfort, acting as a “guardian angel” with actual action. Seriously said: “If you are really scared, then don’t jump, but if you want to jump, I will accompany you.” You are afraid of one thing, but still have to do it, that is brave. Fortunately, I met such a good person. Although the “Bout for Love” jump was a reality show recorded in Macau at the time, but when I said “Let me jump, I will marry you! I will marry you when I jump, I will marry you!” Budding in a reality show, in the program, two people contributed a textbook-style love book, the most worth mentioning is the one in the Macau Tower for a bungee jump. The Macau Tower bungee is a brave The game, towering into the clouds, and then quickly fall, because that sentence: I want to try it, some fearful high resolutely decided to go to the 61-story high-rise. Wearing professional equipment, still a little timid. Tightly hold, ten fingers tightly 233 meters high, can not see the bottom of the ground. K gold diamond ring is a better material for the engagement diamond ring, but wearing a long time is easy to yellow, which is mainly due to the metal  on the surface of the K gold diamond ring, showing K The original color of gold can be restored to the original color by electroplating at the jewelry store. In addition, the K gold color is also related to the unscientific wearing habits of the individual. If you pay attention to maintenance in daily life, the K gold ring will not change color very much.