nail central了解美甲

The smog, the blue smog and the blue color, it looks particularly pure, but it is not too monotonous. It has a gentle texture on the hand, which invigorates the dull autumn and winter, especially for girls with dark skin. The color is particularly white, and it can make the fingers more vivid and give a fresh visual effect. The oatmeal color of oatmeal is like white gray camel. The overall color is grayish gray. Oatmeal is not as white as white. It is not as bright as gray. It is cold and gentle, but it is not as warm as investment. It has a variegated color, but it has A natural effect, very friendly to the yellow skin, with this color of the nails, looks particularly natural, visual effects have a special vitality. Bean paste color New Year’s bean paste color, still very gentle, looks very good temperament, will not have the dazzling feeling of red, but this feminine smell is full of charm, looks natural and atmospheric, is also a color that many girls will choose . Do not fight, but will be very independent. When many girls saw the dried manicure for the first time, they were amazed at the material. The original fingertips could really “spread out the flowers”. Oh, the dried nail central flower manicure has been popular for some time. I believe that the little friends are doing the dried manicure. No stranger, the manicurists are constantly innovating, so that the dried flower manicure has a lot of different shapes, the choice of the little fairies is also very much ~ girls are born to love flowers, so compared to some painted floral manicure, Using real dry flowers to nail central create nail art, this effect will be more refined and romantic, with the realism that painted nails do not have. Color again, increase saturation, and illuminate for 60 seconds. The fourth step: brush a layer of reinforced plastic on the surface of the nail, do not shine the light oh ~ reinforced rubber on the nail surface, especially the dry flower part, the brush should be evenly distributed, so that the surface is flat, and the nail central light is illuminated for 30 seconds. Step 7: The entire armor is brushed on the cover and illuminated for 60 seconds. Today, not only have you prepared a lot of beautiful dried flower nail art pictures, but also made a very detailed tutorial. Don’t miss it. Spring, many little fairies like the beautiful flower manicure, especially this kind of real flower. Nail art makes the fingertips have more amazing effects. The French nail central manicure made with dried flowers looks very unique. The common French manicures are made of some nail polish or sequins and nail central diamonds. Created, and this dry flower style, more romantic sweet temperament, really good! Spring is best for romantic dry flower manicures. Add a scent of nail central dried flowers to your fingertips and have the romance of spring. The whole armor is covered with a layer of translucent bean paste nail polish, which is illuminated for 60 seconds.