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Therefore, choose those small decorations nail salon  hong kong such as diamonds or sequins, and the starry cat’s eye series of nails, this starry cat’s eye, is a match of solid color gradient. Not only the starry cat’s eye, but also the gradient, after all, can’t hide the beauty of the cat’s eye~ The bottom color of the water ripple is silver, so that the starry sky and the cat’s eye choose the silver base oil, such as the picture, brush The upper layer of gold-colored nail polish, or a simple diamond-like ornament such as a nail salon  hong kong few stars and moons, the emerald green starry cat’s eye is really high-class, like an elegant and calm everyone. The overall style is really high-end! It’s very dreamy~ Little fairy who likes dreams can choose this starry cat eye~ Starry cat’s eye series nails This starry cat’s eye is more complicated, the whole style looks full of scent~ like small Fairy can not miss it~ Starry cat eye series nail art This starry cat eye is a dark style. It is also considered to be the two elements that are popular nowadays. It is really beautiful. The shell nail salon  hong kong piece is chosen to be a transparent base oil. The Milky Way is beating at your fingertips, as if you have a whole universe. ~, transparent color can be a good match with shell pieces, it does not look very complicated, it looks very clean, nail salon  hong kong many little fairies usually do more hand nails, after all, the hand is the woman’s second face, The hand made a good look, the whole person’s self-confidence has improved a lot! Looking at your own toenails without a little color, would you feel a bit monotonous? Xiao Bian feels that the beautiful nails of the feet are like Cinderella’s crystal shoes. The five-finger background color is chosen to be a clear blue color. The highlight is decoration. The thumb space is large, suitable for stickers such as small diamonds, and the whole deep style will become more lively. The other nails are small, choose one or two, and decorate them with silver lines. The nails look very refreshing and atmospheric. The little fairies who like the green series can try nail salon  hong kong to make such a nail art, the color is very small and fresh, the gold nail polish is also very comfortable with the metal sequins on the black nails. Like the dark series of sisters can try this foot nails ~ foot nail style royal blue is also the common color of the foot nails, royal blue is also very white color. This manicure is simpler and brightens the entire style. With a metallic color, the color of the cherries is softer~ The overall nails are more stable, with a variety of shoes with exposed toes, so the manicurist can work on the decoration, embellish some small metal sequins, the whole The temperament is not the same. Oh, the color nail salon  hong kong jumper chooses the golden nail polish that can be perfectly matched with black. As for the nail art of the feet, only when the season of wearing sandals will be more than a little fairy will think of doing it~ In fact, as an exquisite pig girl, it will have a more sense of high-grade ~foot nail style The ink-colored nail art style is also a very nice one. Choosing the right green will also be very white!