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Since there is no application fee before, even overseas investors who will only buy one house will apply at the same time for multiple houses. The amount of overseas purchases through review will often be much higher than the real investment. japan property agency According to the report, for Australia, the amount of foreign investment from China has declined overall, mainly because the amount of Chinese investment in real estate has declined. In order to stop Chinese buyers from buying, in addition to domestic foreign exchange controls, there is also a sluggish economic situation and Australia’s increased foreign investment review application fees. japan property agency requesting financial institutions to start from January this year to the central bank financial The relevant departments of the Institutional Bureau and other relevant departments report the amount of loans issued to the real estate company, the growth rate, the financial status of the loan enterprise, the collateral, japan property agency the income forecast, etc. From 2014 to 2016, the Australian real estate market was extremely hot and was sought after by a large number of overseas buyers. Local housing prices have soared. In order to regulate the property market and reduce the pressure on local buyers, the Australian government began to tighten controls on foreign purchases. In fact,  japan property agency the Property Council and the Real Estate Institute proposed to increase the application fee for foreign-owned home purchases to AU$1,500 to support the foreign-funded review committee to strengthen law enforcement. However, even if the purchase data is significantly reduced, China is still the largest source of foreign investment in Australia’s real estate sector (including commercial and residential properties), and foreign investment from China is two times more than any other country: 2016-2017, China’s real estate in Australia japan property agency The investment is about A$15.3 billion, while Canada and the United States are A$7.3 billion and A$6.8 billion, respectively. Australia’s second largest source of foreign investment, with a drop of A$4.5 billion in investment last year. Unlike Chinese investors, Americans prefer to invest in local services, such as the Mozambique Port Alliance and the Port and Rail Group, and of course the Australian commercial real estate and mining industry. Disregarding everything about buying a house implies a premise that China’s housing prices will continue to rise, and now it is possible to get on the train and not to get on the train to create conditions. japan property agency This is similar to what was said by a recent economic researcher: you can buy two more if you can’t afford it now. You can’t afford it after ten years. The prices of cities in China have deviated from reasonable space relative to the per capita annual income of their cities. However, there is still a rising momentum, so various explanations have emerged. Predicting that house prices continue to rise, this has actually violated the current macroeconomic situation. In 2014, after several rounds of quantitative easing, the Fed has clearly decided to achieve “policy exit”.